First recorded case of sz

What’s the first recorded case? It’s a fairly recent phenomenon.

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I don’t know, it was called dementia praecox before and probably just madness even before, also psychiatrists had different criteria to diagnose people.

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People hearing voices and receiving visions is old as, well, people.

They were usually considered possessed, or even prophets.

Crazy people go way, way back.


in some way i wonder what life would be like had this stuff not been researched and meds never invented. id still be in good physical shape tho i may be suffering more if the voices stayed permanent

Probably many schizophrenics would require long term institutionalization, like it was in the past.

We were really insane before antipsychotics were invented. We couldn’t live in society and were isolated far from it.

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it was when god created the heavens and the earth.

zing. :smile:

probs gon get flagged for that joke lol

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I just googled “first recorded case of schizophrenia” and the first search result was…


Was it in a monkey? Or before monkeys lol?

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No, schizophrenia is a uniquely human disease. Been around forever.

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If we were born thousands of years ago we’d be shamans revered by kings.

I watched some Sz explanatory videos on YouTube last night and IIRC the first time the term was used was in the late 1800s.

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Even medicine didn’t get organized till the 1800’s. Before then there was rubbish like blood letting and lots of really dangerous stuff that was believed. Asylums were there earlier and that would have been hell for everyone. I think they were like 1700’s but humanity did some crazy things when we industrialized. Lots of poverty and horrible work practices.

So being mentally ill back then would have been hell. I don’t buy into that mystic crap. Might be for small tribes on the plains but in cities we were bottom dwellers. I read a bit of the early days and I saw a report that wasn’t too badly balanced. It was about a craftperson in England who had a breakdown…it was actually documented well and they had a meltdown ended up in Asylum.

Recorded details really spoke to me. Thought that people in France were controlling their thoughts. Even drew a picture of the machine that did it. Just really was paranoid sz even back then…

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A case could be made that sz as we know it only appears with the emergence of enlightenment thought. In a prescientific era delusion and hallucination have a different significance.