Any diabetics in the group?

How many people are diabetics? Wha do you take to control your symptoms? Does it run in your family? Did you become diabetic from your APs?

Diabetic. Runs in my family, but erupted mid-Zyprexa. Used to take Metformin, but have got my weight down enough I no longer need it. Have to be careful about eating too many sweets now.


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oh I’m so sorry guys that you have diabetes. that must be a drag. I pray I don’t become diabetic.

I have diabetes, take Metforem, now it is in control according to the recent blood tests. It is important to check feet every day so that there are no wounds because these do not heal easily if one has diabetes. In this year I have not had any wounds in my feet, I am glad :smile:

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I have diabetes, my father has high blood glucose levels so it probably runs in my family, but the meds dont help.

I take Metformin and lost a lot of weight recently, my blood glucose levels are normal and on the lower side now.

I will talk to my pdoc about adjusting my Metformin dose :smile:

I may be. My next blood test will confirm/deny.

I came down with diabetes 3 years after starting to take Zyprexia. I read on that Zyprexia can elevate blood sugar. I started taking Risperdal after I came down with diabetes, and my a1c has been running in the pre-diabetic range. I’ve seen people say Zyprexia can cause diabetes on this forum. My fasting blood sugar was 137 when I was diagnosed. I take Metformin only. I’ve always wondered if it was the Zyprexia elevating my blood sugar and I was misdiagnosed with diabetes.

Victozia is wonder drug for Diabetes and helped me lose weight so i highly recommend it

it comes in a pen type non-insulin type medication , yes you need to inject yourself with it

but so far i been on it about year and manage to lose weight but I would recommend talking

to your doctor about what type of medications you need for your diabetes or what medicines

will help your mental health and doesn’t effect the blood sugars as much and yes my A1c coming down,