Any advice on how to reduce smoking

There’s alot of things online to quit but not simply to reduce I don’t plan on qitimg I’m at a pack and a half a day alot of times more want to b at 13-16 smokes a day anyone know how to help achieve this

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Count how many cigarettes you smoke and space them out so you smoke fewer. Also, smoke half a cigarette instead of a whole one.


try keeping your hands and mouth busy
sunflower seeds work good
nicotine gum, and regular gum
or pistachios lol

I find reading helps too.
good books and snacks

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Vaping 15151515


Keep a drink you like in your hand, I like ice water or tea! You can plan and tell yourself you’ll smoke x amount of cigs per hour. I quit with vaping but that has it’s own problems because I end up chain vaping all day if I don’t do something else. Best of luck you can do it!

Cutting own never worked for me so I just switched to vaping.

“I smoke 'cause I’m hoping for an Early death And I need to cling to somethng…” The Smiths

Change this mindset and then you can begin the path of identifying that not only is the pleasure of tobacco an actual sickness (try smoking 2 cigarettes one after another quickly), but realise it is horrible and then cling to that instead.

2 weeks of craving and then it lessens. Go cold turkey. Want to live more and then be free of nicotine slavery. Beat it. get some boiled sweets. Chewing gum, anything and get off that crap that kills you.

Unless Morrissey was right, of course :smiley:

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When I was a young woman, I smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for free. (I used to steal all my cigarettes). Then, I signed up for a gym and started doing aerobics classes and found out that aerobics and cigarettes did not mix, so, I quit cigarettes cold turkey. Also, I started nursing school about that time and the other nursing students put a lot of peer pressure on me to quit smoking. So, I quit.

I second @anon9798425 's advice based on personal experience.

I gave myself one first thing in the morning and one just before bed, and I let myself have as many as I wanted during the day BUT I wasn’t allowed to chain them together.

I went from a pack a day to half a pack a day. I think I’m just about ready to try quitting again

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Thanks guys for the reply not going to quit tho found an app that helps redyse

Keep yourself buys doing better things and you got to fight off each craving one by one and say no, eventually you might get used to it.

Smoking is all I have left…

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Advice from a former 2.5 pack a day friend: buy something that makes you a little sick so you can only smoke one a time. They switched to Pall mall blues and they said it really helped them cut back

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if you have any specific behaviors that go along with smoking (like my dad for instance, always drinks coffee while he smokes) then try to cut that behavior out along with the cigarettes because doing it will trigger the habit of smoking

Since smoking habits is just in your head. I would say that mind over matter works as it is a very effective way to quit smoking.

Fire retardant Jeans? Carry a miniature fire extinguisher in your backpack when you feel a spontaneous combusting episode coming on?


I don’t know if this helps, but when you want to smoke, wait half an hour and after that smoke

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