Anxious and paranoid. Brewing up to be a f’ing disaster

I am not right. I think my treatment team is plotting against me. Also I think utilities are spying on me.

I am staying up all night and sleeping all day.

All right of the above means jimbob is a ■■■■ up

When do you get your injection next ? Is it possible it’s wearing off early ?

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On Wednesday. I think a lot of my feelings are down to the nurse not contacting me. But I think this is more of a symptom than a cause.

If I was well I would take things like this in my stride

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hang in there bud,


It sounds like your injection has worn off to me. Especially if it’s Wednesday. It’s going to be a tough few days probably.

Bring it up with them that things get tough coming up to the time of your injection. They might give you some oral meds as a prn.


Stupid nurse should have contacted you, if not her then someone else, what are they a bunch of half arsed nurses who dont give a damn about anything?

i use to hate that when it happened to me, i am glad i told them to ‘do one’ lol

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@anon94176359 it took me about two months without meds before I fully became delusional…you have time to make it I believe …try to relax…put on “outside” and I will too…

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Ok brother. I will put on outside

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Hope you will be okay @anon94176359.
Sending you positive energy.

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