Blah - Not Feeling too Well Now

Im a week overdue my Paliperdone Jab - and im feeling “loopy” ,
Ive just found myself talking to my delusions for the past couple of hours,

And yes im a stupid bloody idiot for not having my Depot jab when it was due -
I Thought i could cope without it and just rely on the Serqoul at night, but i obviously cant.

CMHT rang me today - and Gently reminded me of the dangers of coming off a depot injection so suddenly. So im having it 10 am tommorow (Tuesday).

Dont be a twat like me and mess with your meds folks. Cos im Suffering and its completely my fault.

My commenting voices are even calling me a twat.
Taken 300mg Quietiapine and hope that will do me till morning.

Stay on your meds chaps. Seth x


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