How do you prepare for a panic attack?

When you feel a panic attack coming on how do you deal with it. I had a heavy dinner and waiting for my food to digest. I afraid that i can not swallow when i have an attack.Maybe i will try to rest early tonight. What would you do?

After a couple of days being panic attack free i am again having an anxiety/panic attack where i can not swallow and shallow breathing. Every time i try to swallow i can not and i get more anxious. Hopefully i will be able to sleep tonight. What should i do?

I take klonopins before I believe I have any chance of a panic attack. Usually works pretty well.

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Thanks turningthe page,
just took a clonazepam hopefully it will help.

Carry a bottle of water and paper bag with you everywhere so the water will help you swallow and the bag can help with breathing.

everyone should carry a bottle of water with the for their health,most people don’t drink enough water daily and it contributes to bad health.

And also have a focal point to focus on when you start feeling it coming on

I focus on a beautiful scenery like mountains or the beach or something positive.

panic attacks suck just remember the prior times ended well and the next one will too.

Hope you feel better

When I feel it coming on… lot’s of air… fan… open windows… that helps.

But I have to shut the blinds… we live in a fairly high foot traffic area… having people walking around near my place doesn’t help.

I’ve also find a small calm place… I work on trying to breathe and visualize something calming…

I also live with my sis and having her around to talk to… it helps.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon…

Try not to think about when your next panic attack will occur.

Have extra Klonopin handy - and unwind at night.

When I feel panic building inside of me I try right away to change what I’m doing and try and calm myself. This can be from breathing exorcises, to just sitting and listening to light music (often new-age when in this state). If I can I try and find a quiet place where I can be alone, like if I’m in out and about find a public restroom, not really to use just go into a stall and block out the world for a bit.

That doesn’t work somethings I find someone I feel I can trust (a close friend/family member) and talk it out with them and more often than not they help me combat the panic. I find it hard to talk during these times though but it does help when I can. Also bringing in an outsider to the situation can help combat any negative things voices may be trying to convince you of.

I also prefer more darkness when I’m panicky. Light tends to bother me, and the darkness makes me feel safe. If I can’t see anything around me then I have nothing to worry about. If I have full on light during a panic attack then anything could potentially send me over the edge…

I also look for repetitive stuff to do. Some times organization things, or stroking the cat over and over until she leaves, Or I tap my fingers quietly on something and focus on the movement of my fingers and block out the world around me. If I don’t use my fingers then sometimes I find a focal point in the room to stare at until my mind goes blank.