Anxiety strikes back!


i love it when you are having a normal day, and then in town i stopped the car outside the coffee shop and " bam !! "…anxiety attack, your whole body freezes, like you just can’t move a muscle, your frozen in time…!
but i did manage to calm myself down and think logically, that is a first …yeah for dark sith…
dark sith can be seen patting himself on the back and awarding himself a gold bravery medal.
take care…


Very well done Darksith.

It’s hard to stay logical when anxiety starts to bite. I’m glad you managed to kick anxiety rather then anxiety kicking you.


I agree with Kidsister. It sounds like you managed to prevent having your anxiety get the best of you, which is to be commended. :thumbsup:



I am sorry you have to go through this, darksith. Am proud of you being able to manage this anxiety attack.

take care



anxiety is a bitch, congrats on beating this.


Here`s another pat on the back-along with a handshake!


Good work @darksith - you managed to beat a panic attack without taking a benzo! I am battling anxiety and panic lately myself, anxiety can be crippling, especially panic attacks. The other day I was experiencing a panic attack and so I decided to take the bull by its horns - I did some mindfulness relaxation, focusing on my present surroundings and did some deep breathing, and I managed to beat this panicky feeling without resorting to taking some Klonopin


good on you…that takes practice and nerves of steel…
my little trick is when i get panicky…i immediatly look for three things around me and say them out loud ( not too loudly, you can say it to your self ) i.e…car…road …lampost…it seems to re-focus my mind and reset it.
take care