What's your anxiety attack like?

My anxiety attacks are that i have trouble breathing and swallowing. Sometimes i have a fear something bad is going to happen to me. I take anti anxiety prn and that helps a little. If you suffer anxiety attacks what are they like and how do you deal with them?

don’t think about panic, don’t mention the word panic…stay calm by focusing on something in the room and don’t dwell on getting scared…tell yourself . “so what?” if you get anxiety or panic…let your mind be free of worry about it and half the battle is won…if you don’t fear it you won’t think about it so much and it won’t bother you…focus on a tree, talk with family or friends in person works best…stay positive in your thinking…you can get over it…just don’t be afraid of it anymore…and it will shrink away to nothing eventually…takes practice…

Hands shaking, sweating, trouble speaking, nausea, feeling like I’m in a dream, can’t look at people. I take valium and propranolol.

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I had one tonight while I was out at dinner with my mom and some friends. I started to focus on my breathing and suddenly felt like I was going to have trouble breathing. Then I felt hot and cold in my head. Things felt surreal and I was scared I was going to float away. I did some grounding and took deep breaths and reassured myself that I was safe. I also stepped out for a cigarette which really helped. It seems dumb to smoke when you’re having trouble breathing but it helps me. When I got home I took a PRN. I also felt like someone was choking me. It’s the scariest thing to have trouble breathing. I went on Lexapro and that made a big difference with my anxiety. I highly recommend it. It’s not good to rely on PRNs because they don’t really fix the problem. I hope your anxiety gets better. Sending healing thoughts. :sunny:

first thing that happens its my air ways get tight and the my face turns red then i start 2 steping doing the jig lol of course clozpine fixes the probelm normally

Usually I have a thought I can’t process and my brain stops working for a second I panic for one second and then everything goes dim and I feel like I am genuinely dying but am completely calm. I stay like that for 20minutes or so. I have to stop whatever I am doing and wait for it to go away. Pull over my car. I haven’t had one in a long time now though.

The new mood stabilizer/antidepressant gives me unexpected anxiety attacks - Lately I have been internalizing my anxiety. I get the feeling that I am having an allergic reaction to a food, I am going to have a heart attack, stroke I think of bad things happening to me. A lot of Hypochondriac feelings going on - I take an extra benzo - Klonopin when things get out of hand

Hand’s shake, logic goes right out the window, heart rate amps up and I start to sweat. I usually get up and leave the situation immediately. Loose the ability to calmly speak. Stomach hurts and my vision gets sort of hypersensitive to light.

After an anxiety attack I feel exhausted and weak and then I end up with a headache.

Everything gets quieter to where I can hear myself breathe heavy, then I notice im sweatin bullets, heart rces, I look at people and see discomfort on their face then I makes me panic even more, it doesn’t stop until I leave the scene and isolate myself for a given time.

I get heart palpitations, hot face and cold hands and feet, throat goes constricted like I’m being slowly strangled, can’t breathe, nauseous, feel like I’m going to die, feel like everyone is going to laugh at me, feel like it’s the end of the world.

Heart beats fast, difficulty breathing and my hands and legs begin to shake. Mostly it’s the police that cause this to happen with me…even seeing someone else being arrested or just a large police presence will give me an attack. But anything that makes me really…really nervous can give me this.

My anxiety attacks seem to happen when I feel pressure to do something I dont want to do. My breathing gets very shallow, I get irritable, cant sleep. Usually means I`m not taking care of myself. I really have to focus on my breathing.

I freeze in place. Everything around me slowly fades but noises seem louder. I feel like I’m on fire. All speech stops and into my head I go…presumably to a safer place.
Sometimes I will just walk away and keep walking oblivious to my surroundings. I’ve walked out of my house before without noticing the time and just walked all over town, sometimes stopping by a bridge and going under it by the water, other times I’ve gone under those freeway over-crossings and stayed for hours. Something about the noise of the traffic above is soothing-although VERY loud.
Eventually I dissolve and find myself very far from home, and have a lot of walking to do to return home.

Strange people recommend to focus on breathing but this makes my condition worse. It makes me short of breath. I think taking my attention away from the anxiety attack helps.