I have a anxiety attack


I have a anxiety attack,I think it’s intense because I totally lost control and my breathing is now a little short

I would like to know if writing down what had happen helped my anxiety?
And have you guys had anxiety attack frequently?i had it like four to five times a month


U want to look into mindfulness
Might be courses in your area


Breathe although the old ways been replaced recently. But think you’d need a therapists help to use the new treatment So I’d still suggest using the paper bag trick if your breathing fails more. But may help you

Definitely write what happened but think you’d need to talk more openly about it. I tend to use the phone counselling lines for that as open 24/7 and cheap but I’m much better over the phone then anywhere else.


I have had anxiety attacks and usually I have to get away from all sudden noises and flashing lights and go some where dimly lit and quiet and focus on my breathing.

Also I need a friend or my sis to help talk me down out of it.

Good luck and I hope you feel better.


**Sometimes, if I feel one coming on, I will get up and leave the room I am in. It makes me feel like I am taking control of the situation-or doing something about it.
Hope this helps… **


I suffered from severe panic disorder since I was under 9 yrs old - had at least one panic attack almost everyday of my life - they are now pretty much gone, except for my anxiety - I really dont want to push the idea of taking benzos - but for me they were a Godsend - look into breathing exercises, mindfulness, distracting yourself, relaxation etc…


Sometimes writing down things helped my anxiety like typing on this forum about it. I have anxiety attacks pretty often though. Trying to get my minds off things. I panic when I think of intrusive thoughts. My breathing also becomes short and sometimes its hard for me to swallow. Breathing techniques don’t help me like breathing in and out or taking deep breaths maybe tips for hyperventilating might help.