Anxiety at Night

Every evening around 7 until I go to bed I have terrible anxiety. I feel terrified. Does anyone know coping skills for this?


I have anxiety and have to take meds for it. I take buspirone.

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I’m the exact same. So I take a supplement called L-theanine. It sorts everything out. I take between 400mg-600mg at 7pm depending on how I feel.

It’s a mind blowingly safe supplement and the max dose is 1200mg a day.


Thank you. I’ll ask my doctor about both the meds and the supplements.

What do you do with your anxiety? Just the meds and supplements?

I originally had tremendous anxiety at dealing with the public when I first started my current employment. These workbooks helped greatly:


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Thank you @shutterbug! I was looking for something to focus on that would be effective.

I often get this. It’s difficult when the kids are here because I know I need to hold it together. When I’m alone I take my pills and hide in my bed. Ì don’t do anxiety well

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The books don’t initially help reduce anxiety so much as give you some mental tools to cope. Over time the anxiety ramps down as you become more effective at handling it.

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Oh ok. I’m just not really familiar. I’ve been in counseling for four years, but we haven’t gotten to addressing the anxiety yet.

For me , Yes. L-theanine has lots of other benefits for schizophrenics too.

If you’re going to buy some and you’re in the USA get some that says “SunTheanine” . The rest seems to be a bit hit and miss.


Thanks for the tips! Very helpful!

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Hey @FlyingPurplePeopleMeeter, do you have any “calming rituals”??

When I get wound up like to curl up in my favourite chair with a cuppa, a blanket, and some good music. It helps me hit the pause button on whatever is winding me up. If I’m at work and I have an anxiety attack, I make a hot cuppa and sip it in the meeting room for a few minutes. The boss understand this is me mentally hitting reset and is okay with it.


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My anxiety is bad but my med keeps it gone, I’m usually ok. I lay in bed when I have anxiety till it goes away.

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Hey, sorry you are going through anxiety. I have the same, i have evening anxiety and nightmares. Im currently trying out supplements. If there is one that works, i will tell you. I also do the selfsoothing rituals thing like mrsquirrel - hot shower, prayer, soothing music, curling up in bed in comfi night clothes with calming tea, aromatherapy.

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I don’t have any calming rituals. That is what I am trying to learn!

These are greats tips!

  1. Cuppa (Is that tea?)
  2. Comfy Chair
  3. Music
  4. Quiet Room


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The meds take it away?

Thanks @anon73478309!
I’m building my list!

  1. Hot Shower
  2. Prayer
  3. Bed
  4. Comfy clothes
  5. Aromatherapy

Hope you find your own rituals that work for you.

E.g. I have an abaya (wide, soft, ankle length moroccan dress) especially for this purpose. Other people might find it weird, but im starting to feel more comfortable as soon as i wear it. :slight_smile:

If im really panicky i call someone - a very balanced friend, a helpline. You are married of course, so have someone around for a talk.

Hot milk, perhaps with anise?

Oh and it might be weird too, but singing soothing lyrics out loud helps too for me.

It is different for everyone though…My friend relaxes through loud, aggressive metal music that i find too scary to listen to. :smile:

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is that when the sun sets where you are? You may be suffering from the lack of sunlight

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I do mindfulness breathing meditation. Set your timer for 5 minutes. Breath in slowly through your nose. Notice your abdomen expand. Breath out slowly through your mouth. Bring your attention back to your breathing when it starts to something else.

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