Diabetes and antipsychotics

Does anyone know what are the chances of getting diabetes with antipsychotics, and can u tell me more about diabetes (type, living conditions, lifestyle) that we get?

There was this girl at the assisted living center where I live who got type II diabetes from the drug Zyprexa. She got a nice settlement for it. They still prescribe the drug, though. When I was on Zyprexa I craved sugar, and I slept a lot. Sometimes I wish I could get on a drug that made me sleep fifteen hours a day, but I doubt if I’d like it if I got it.

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I have to take metformin, which is the drug given to people who have diabetes. Abilify raised my blood sugar. It was spotted in a routine blood test.

If you’re taking antipsychotics you should be getting regular blood tests.

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I started taking glucophage because I became insulin resistant does this mean I am heading towards diabetes?

My Doc said that the type of meds we take destroy the pancreas :flushed: So this means we will all turn diabetic no?