Anti-joke thread

Post here your anti jokes.

Just nothing racist !!!

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A horse walked into a bar, several people got up and left as they spotted the potential danger in the situation


Who ate my chocolate? Me

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if I read this right, it said, thread joke anti …


What do you call a fly with no wings?

A walk.


Violets are grey. :white_circle:
Roses as grey. :white_circle:
I am a dog. :dog:

(Source: googled anti-joke) :grin:


thAT IS Funny

Why was six afraid of seven?
It wasn’t. Numbers are not sentient and thus incapable of feeling fear.

What did one Japanese man say to the other?
I don’t know. I can’t speak Japanese.


hahaha I wanna try…ahem… how many college kids does it take to screw in a lightbulb? just one possibly 2 if a ladder is required…for safety…


a barber a priest and a insurance salesman walk into a bar… they hail a taxi several hours later and make it to their homes safely… lol antijokes are easier than regular jokes… there is no real punchlines…


Don’t anthropomorphise inanimate objects. They hate it when you do that…


i don’t know what an anti-joke is. is it something like this?

or this extension:

some people didn’t like that second one though:

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peoples struggles are different you know? :slight_smile:

I knew a guy who was into S&M, necrophilia and bestiality. He gave it all up though. In the end he figured he was just flogging a dead horse.

While on holiday in Kenya and walking through the bush a man comes
across an elephant standing with one leg raised in the air. The
elephant seems distressed so the man approaches very carefully. He
gets down on one knee and inspects the bottom of the elephant’s foot
only to find a large thorn deeply embedded. As carefully and as
gently as he can he removes the thorn and the elephant gingerly puts
its foot down. The elephant turns to face the man and with a rather
stern look on its face, stares at him. For a good ten minutes the man
stands frozen - thinking of nothing else but being trampled.

Eventually the elephant turns and walks away.

For years after, the man often remembers and ponders the events of that
day. Years later the man is walking through the zoo with his son. As they
approach the elephant enclosure, one of the elephants turns and walks over
to where they are standing at the rail. It stares at him and the man
can’t help wondering if this is the same elephant. The man climbs
tentatively over the railing and makes his way into the enclosure. He
walks right up to the elephant and stares back in wonder. Suddenly
the elephant wraps its trunk around one of the man’s legs and swings
him wildly back and forth along the railing, instantly killing him.

It was the wrong elephant.

what do you get when you cross a joke and a rhetorical question?


What’s the point in rhetorical questions?

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