Another Sleep thread - sleep maintenance insomnia

I suffer from this, does anyone else wake up 6-7 times at night? I wake up whenever I realize that I dream… for almost a year now!

For a very long period of time the combo Zyprexa and Mirtazapine did the trick but even that doesn’t work for me anymore. I’ve trialled a list of meds to combat this but with no avail, things I’ve tried pest year: Risperdal, Seroquel, Trazadone, Amitrypteline, Agomelatine, Promathazine, Doxipin (these are all meds that help “regular” people with insomnia to help with sleep but for me it doesn’t). Drugs I’m on: Zyprexa, Mirtazapine, Clonazepam and Latuda. I had to stop my 2 months backpack vacation because of this and envying all those people that could sleep on the busride or in the dorm made things worse, I had to decide to turn back home just after two days being away. If some of you can relate please tell me which drug helps you to sleep and keeps you at sleep? Please don’t reply with things like magnesium, melatonin, milk with honey or other “homemade” solutions because I’ve been there and have done it and it doesn’t help.

I am also on Mirtzapine and Olanzapine but also take 7.5mg zopiclone this combo knocks me out for a good 10 hours

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Tried Zopiclone and L-theanine. Zopiclone did nothing for me. L-theanine makes me anxious.

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Have also tried Temazepam works well.

Melatonin ???

Yeah, forgot to mention I have Temazepam also in my arsenal. Sometimes it help me put at sleep, other times it does nothing. My main problem is staying at sleep and temazepam isn’t helping with that.

Agomelatine is an antidepressant with melatonin in it, it also does nothing.

Ok how about 5mg Ativan

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Ativan I’ve never tried… it’s a benzo right? Was thinking maybe it’s time to give up on Clonazepam and try another long acting benzo. Ativan may be an option.

Okay listen, if it’s the dreams that are waking you up I think I know what can help you. I wasn’t sleeping through the night due to vivid dreams. I wasn’t able to fall back asleep once one woke me up. This went on for a long time and they tried a bunch of different meds to get me to have better sleep. Different meds made me fall asleep but nothing worked to keep me asleep. My md finally turned me onto prazosin (minipress) which is actually a blood pressure medicine. It took a little bit to get up to the right dose but once I did I haven’t had a vivid dream or nightmare wake me up. I hope that works for you.


If u are waking up regularly you may have a sleep dissorder. I have sleep aponea where you stop breathing and this wakes u up. I use a cpap breathing machine which increases the air presurue in the air ways preventing them closing. Being overweight increases the chances of this condition.

Do you drink much alcohol? As it can totally wreak sleeping patterns.

Glad you replied, that also may be an option for me then. Luckiley I don’t have nightmares, my dreams are awesome which in turn also has a “negative” impact on me. Makes me kinda of deprest of being awake. But no vivid dreams at all, that’s exactly what I need!

you should totally google it, I guess they discovered it by accident at the VA when giving it for blood pressure to vets that had PTSD. It just happened to work on their nightmares. I usually didn’t have nightmares just realistic, vivid dreams that were emotionally upsetting. The dreams were spiking my adrenaline and good luck trying to sleep while having adrenaline pumping through your body. Anyway it’s worth a try. I’m glad I tried it.

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My brother has sleep apnea, seriously, although that condition is actually dangerous I envy how you people can sleep from one stop to another in just seconds. If I was able to do that there was no ■■■■■■■ way I would come home, ever!

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There is also a similar drug to Prazosin called Clonidine (catapress)

I have had insomnia for a long time. When I first got it, I combat it with keeping a very regular sleep schedule. Also, I would stop any stressful activities before bed time. This included: games, studying, talking to people, and TV. Also, I would last eat 2 hours before bed I would basically lock myself in my room and read a really easy read book. I also quite all caffeine and alcohol. I also tried valerian root (it is a home remedy). When I did wake up and could not get back to sleep, I would read in bed (not recommended I know, but if I go somewhere else to read, I would never get back to sleep). I never went to see a doctor because I figured that they could not help. All their meds are addictive for insomnia.

In any case I still suffer from chronic insomnia on and off. I just have to wait for it to pass. I eventually saw a doctor for it. He prescribed ambien, but it is addictive, so I can’t take it often. I also use a CPAP (as other user mentioned), but it doesn’t fix my insomnia completely.

Sorry for the long post. This is a BIG issue for me :frowning:

Yeah but only for the past months that I’m kinda alcoholic. But my sleep patterns got out of hand past year after a psychotic episode when I didn’t drink. I doubt it’s my drinking habits. Like you said in another thread, right now alcohol is helping me with my issues.

I have times when my heart pumps really hard for no reason, maybe some sort of adrenaline rush, these are the times when I’m even unable to sleep (like yesterday when I was still on vacation). Like there is something exciting going but it’s not the case because of that I’m unable to keep down the rush ı’m feeling. You might be on to something here m8 or m8dette!