Another less than good day

Avoidant,anxiety ramped up,hard to see ahead clearly, disorganised and muddled mind and place.

The whole thing of having to move at some point in the near future is really doing a number on me.
My stepdaughter and granddaughter have said they’ll do a lot but still I’m catastrophising like crazy.

Current worry- how they’ll get all my stuff moved given that things are a bit of a disorganised mess here.

Basically I’d like to fall asleep and wake up when everything is sorted and running ok the other end.


I’m sorry. I understand the wanting to fall asleep and waking up when it’s done bit. Best of luck and I know you’ll get done what needs to.

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Maybe just make a pile of breakables so that you can insure they make it safely. Also collect important paperwork, pictures, and other sentimental items. If you get the important stuff together you’ll feel much better about where you’re going.

My dad and family had to move out of their house. They used movers who threw away all of our family photo albums. It had pictures of my stepmom’s wedding, her family, as well as my dad’s family photos. :sob:

I am hoping my step daughter can get it all sorted when the time comes. The trouble is I have difficulty putting myself in other people’s shoes. I think because it’s all so confusing for me it will be for other people. I forget my step daughter is a lot more practical and less disorganised than I am.