Moving out


I can’t sleep just now and I am very anxious about my move to a new place, I keep thinking they are just kidding me on and doing this as a joke or maybe I have missed my chance bc the dates were all wrong on tje form, maybe they are trying to trick me into staying where I am.

Just really everything, what if I am out of here and in there with no carpets or seat or bed? I need a washing machine and fridge freezer too, its a big move and I am very worried.

Sorry to be a wet blanket


your not wet blanket moving home is very stressful make a corner pput the stuff you like needs makes you feel comfortable and keep a backpack of stuff with you that has everything you need shorterm in it. it ill be ok soonyoull be all moved in and relaxed


i have four empty boxes but the have no bottoms on them so i think i’ll put things in them and they will all fall out, they were banana boxes, i’ve also been worried about spiders coming from these boxes bc they come from costa rica and i am trying to ignore that intrusive thought but its not nice,

i only have 4 bits of furniture and a mattress and some rugs so not a lot, my previous homes were partly furnished so i couldn’t get a couch or a bed frame and i haven’t had any white goods :frowning: i am hoping the new place is big enough for everything and that i am not sitting on the floor boards at xmas :frowning:


couldn’t sleep last night so i was up until about 4.45am

took me a lot to get to sleep, i’ve been worried about the flat and things, moving and all the fuss, idk what i am going to do, got some sleep and woke up about 8am then today i slept from about 1.30pm to 5pm,

have been having weird dreams as well.


Moving is a major stress in life. Just take it one step at a time. I’m moving on Friday and I haven’t even started getting ready yet.


Moving is a major stress but you’ll get through it. Do it in parts don’t put too much stress on yourself. Good luck.


wow, you will be moving before me, hope you have furniture and things and you get settled for xmas, the way i am thinking just now is i will be on the floor for xmas :frowning:


When I got out of the hospital this last time I got an apartment on the 4th floor of a building with no elevator. I couldn’t be bothered lugging a mattress up there so I spent a year sleeping on the floor.


have you got furniture now though?


Yeah, I’m set with furniture.


A new environment is a great opportunity to recreate yourself, and to experience new coping mechanisms.


maybe, this new flat is kind of in the thick of things, shops nearby and lots of people,

hope its going to be ok. i am a bit worried about it.

i like a bit of space you know, away from it all

i don’t like it when its too busy :frowning:


I’m right there with you. You’ll end up developing social coping skills and you won’t even know it. It could be the start of something great. You’ll be able to use these new tools for your upcoming challenges.


I hope so, I’d hate tò get depressed or worsr, just got to keep taking those meds and plod on


I too have a yen to move out of my assisted living center apartment and into public housing. However, I could find myself cut off, lonely, and miserable. Then again I might just thrive in public housing. If you don’t make it in your new place you can probably move back in. I would try to live independently if I were you because you might not always have people supporting you.


it will be fine, it is normal to feel anxious even ’ muggles ’ do.
take care from the sane :alien:


@Daydreamer, As you know, I just finished traveling 2/3 of the way across the country and only unpacked the moving truck today. My advice to you would be to reduce or eliminate all the stressors currently in your life as much as possible before moving. It’s hard on neurotypicals as it is, even my wife who is my rock had her issues with it. I wish you all the best, and am happy to help if you need it. PM me if you like. Cheers!


If you end up on the floor that is okay. It will be just like camping. I squatted in a rental before when they gave me the key. I hadn’t signed the lease yet, but I went there and slept in a sleeping bag. It had nice carpet. At the time I was on my brother’s couch, so I was happy to finally get my own place.

It is important to prioritize your immediate needs like toiletries, snacks (canned tuna for easy sandwich making with no lights, cereal, snack bars), sleeping equipment, and entertainment (books, music, router).

Scout out the neighborhood for possible hangouts like coffee shops and bookstores. Getting a feel of the area will help you to adjust. Do a drive by and peek through the windows. Maybe stop buy the leasing office if they are on site and say, “hello.” It will help to have a good relationship with your landlord or leasing agents in case something comes up.

Get excited about it. Draw a sketch of how you want to decorate things in a blueprint fashion.
It will go fine. Take every moment as it comes.


thanks guys, i had a rough night last night and had to phone the crisis line, everything just got too much and my head was all over the place, the guy on the phone was really good and i was talking with him for a long time.

after that i phoned my sister even though it was late she goes to her bed really late anyway and we had a good chat with her as well, i asked her if she could be my power of attorney if things went awry and she said she would, i just thought it would be a good idea in case i am hospitalised again or something so she can pay my bills and things if i am not there.
i also want her to be there for me if i get hospitalised so i am going to write out a list of rules if i get hospitalised like (not sure what yet but think its a good idea).

its just a back up plan in case things go awry, my dad was in charge of all of this but he’s not here now so apart from sweep my sister is the best person to ask and i trust her.

but apart from that i have been over at the new flat and it looks ok, i peaked in a window and the kitchen looks an ok size, i am on the first floor so no banging about upstairs anymore and no people walking past my window, i’m a bit worried about the noise though and what people might think about me. i have this picture on my wall and all i want to do is put it up in my new gaff and i have been wondering if it will be ok when i put it up.

this place is my first proper flat and the rent is quite low so if i decide i am ready to pay it it will be reasonable, bc i am not working and on benefits my rent gets paid for me.


Congratulations on getting this. Moves are stressful, but it sounds like things are getting better for you.

Glad your sis is going to be your back up in case of relapse. Having a crisis plan in place is pretty handy.

Hoping the move goes smooth for you.