Going through a glitch

Heard voices the other night again and for the last two days been feeling depressed. Don’t know why. Seeing the pdoc on Thurs again so glad for that.

Didn’t you say that you were off of your meds? That might explain it.

No I came back on them about a month and a half ago and was doing fine.

Are you still on Amisulpride 600mg? I am on 250mg amisulpride, and have been on it for 2 years. So far haven’t had glitches.

Good that you already got an appt. be diligent and you’ll get through this in time.

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I’m on my meds… and it seems stress and other things can still cause a glitch…

Be patient with yourself… be kind to yourself…

I hope you feel better soon. :v:

Sending some :heart: your way. Hope you’re feeling better soon.



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maybe not depressed? Just upset that you heard voices?Glad you are going to see your doctor this week. May just be that-a glitch.

Keep an eye on it as glitches tend to start off slow and evolve. Back in January my glitches started and I thought they would go away on their own. My tdoc convinced me to call my pdoc who raised my meds and I was then symptom free until recently. Maybe it’s time for a med change? Good luck. :sunny: