Up and down

My illness has been flaring up paranoia and voices it is happening more frequently
I don’t know why
I can go for thirteen days managing and think I’m winning but then it all crashes down on me
Anyone relate?


I only had relapses when I was off the meds
Do you have a stressful life?

Sometimes i get scared of sz. But at the moment im not afraid to be crazy.

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Life is pointless
There is no hope


life is meaningless and that’s true but we could have a happy life and enjoy everyday life

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I have ups and downs too. “One step up and two steps back.” A roller coaster ride. One triumphant day followed by a slump. It’s taken me 5 months on my new medication to finally stabilize. Jeez.

Life is not pointless or meaningless. It is our head that tell us is pointless because we are unwell but life is something more and are thousands of beautiful things. Do you know what is pointless? Our illness. It s the real monster that steal us life.


Yep, I know that feeling very well. Every time I start to feel better or think I am recovering, I have a short period of relief then it all comes crashing down again. It feels like an endless cycle, those days or maybe weeks of thinking it’s all over, then boom, the beast rears it’s ugly head again. I’m sorry you’re going through this, I know how much it sucks.


Thanks @Turquoise
I am not the only one

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I understand your feeling and am sorry you are going through this. Perhaps a switch of meds will help. Will you consider Amisulpride? I have been on this med for nearly 5 years and it worked very well for me except some side effects or negative symptoms. I feel safe now because I havee been free of possitive symptoms for so long. I 'm on 200 mg Amisulpride which is equivalent to 5mg Zyprexa. I know from my Chinese Sz friends that the dose between 100mg and 400mg of Amisulpride usually makes you feel comfortable. The dose above 400mg will give you unpleasant side effects.

I hope my knowledge of Amisulpride will be helpful to you.

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