Anger and the Foods you Eat–-can-your-dinner-make-you-angry
This is an article that describes how certain foods can make you angry. My holistic nutritionist shared with me the link between MSG and anger. MSG is in all processed foods; soups, chips, frozen dinners, and even beer. While abstaining from MSG I ate a bag of Doritos and it ruined my night. I got progressively more and more angry and started having intrusive thoughts. :sunny:

Some music makes me angry. Jazz -

Hmmmmmm. I never thought about that. I don’t know about the rest of it, but I do get angry while eating spicy food…

Come to think about it, I do get more irritable - depressed when I eat unhealthy foods. Processed foods can put me in a bad mood

Some busy forms of Jazz drives me up the wall :astonished:

I feel good after eating just a salad. Or vegetarian pasta. And everyone who ate the lamb kabobs are complaining.

I have a cousin who has said for years that beef makes him angry. He refuses to eat beef for anything. He says it’s because it causes his anger problem to flare up. Many in the family thought he was just being a picky eater. But this is interesting.

I don’t eat beef either just because it’s expensive where I’m at and I fish and like salmon better. This article really has something to it.

The Jazz thing makes me smile… my kid sis HATES free from Jazz and will get up and walk out if a band starts free forming it. She’ll also dive over the seat from the back of the car and turn off the car radio if it comes on. Freaks my Dad out every time. :wink:


I used to have a lot of problems with migraines. MSG is certainly a contributing factor for mine. Too many all dressed chips and I get a migraine. MSG is bad for you.

Those are my sisters favorite. We don’t get them very often they aren’t sold here. But when we do go to Canada, my sis will try and stuff the trunk. That makes customs very interesting.

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