Simmering anger

I have this simmering anger beneath the surface for no reason. It’s very unlike me. I reported it to my pdoc this morning, but after talking through things with me and determining I have flat affect, she decided to keep my meds the same. I take 10 mg of Haldol, 20 mg of Celexa and 3 mg of Cogentin


Do you think a diet could be affecting this anger, frustration and irritability?


I suppose. But I really think I’m getting enough calories and carbs. I track my nutrition and macros every day


me too. i try to work it out while i do physical exercises.

walking helps.

good luck, judy

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Thanks. It’s gone now. Not sure why that happened

I have this too. It might be due to vaping in my case. Or maybe my resting state is just being a little bit bitter and angry.

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I have anger like this too and am also on Haldol 20 milligrams.

Do you happen to drink a lot of coffee like I do?

(I’m gonna quit after Covid is over. Right now I’m paying attention to potential headaches which I don’t want to confuse for a fever). Maybe I’m making excuses… : )

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I drink a cup of instant coffee every day. But that’s not too much. Plus, the anger went away for me so I guess I’ll never know what triggered it. It went on for days

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Oh ok… glad it’s gone… it’s no fun being angry a lot and I’m glad you’re not like that.

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Not being able to fill a tub with tacos and flop around in it DOES make me irritable, I’ll grant that.


The Celexa you are on could cause some manic upswings and trigger irritability @ZmaGal.

I know that personally I wouldn’t be able to tolerate an AD.

Are you SZA?

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Lol! Hilarious @velociraptor!

For me a healthier diet makes for a healthier head.

I’d say it’s unlikely


Yes. I’m diagnosed with schizoaffective and paranoid sz.

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