And They wonder why we get ill

They wonder why we get I’ll but is it any wonder?

What with all of the bad things we see every day all the death and destruction and everything else in the world

Maybe our brains are working harder or we get sz because it is a natural defence mechanism in response to all of the dangers out there that we could be faced with.

Do you think this is true and do you think there is anyway we could change society to stop us from developing these fears and triggering these defences in out brains?

Or do you disagree?


Learn to be ignorant. Rich people do it every day in the backs of their limos… staring out their windows. You have to learn how to not care about anything. Because charity is a trap. Some guy who knows how to make heartfelt speeches… and if he really cared, he wouldn’t be talking to anybody about it.

I used to think that my schizophrenia was just me being unable to accept the harsh reality I found myself in, but then I learned that it runs in my family and that I had been showing signs of it for years, since my childhood. I am a psych major and I know for a fact that it is a genetic disorder, it takes genetics for it to happen. Perfectly healthy people don’t become schizophrenic no matter what, only those with genetics for it become insane due to stress and trauma, but stress and trauma can play a part in triggering schizophrenia, but genes for it must exist.

For example, someone with a healthy brain would have to use tons of hard drugs for a long period of time to develop permanent psychosis, and that’s brain damage, not schizophrenia. Psychotic does not equal Schizophrenic.

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genetics is just a way of explaining something without actually explaining anything i think,

something to blame like saying its not your fault, its in your family its in your genes.

i mean what does it prove anyway? that we cant do anything about it? and if we ever had children then they have a chance of getting it? i think that isn’t very nice.

in my opinion sz is enviromental, i like that and it makes more sense, i believe anyone can get it in the right conditions

and the only way that people are predisposed to sz is more to do with early childhood experiences than a faulty brain.

but thats not what i was talking about anyway, i was talking about sz acting as a defence mechanism to all the ■■■■ in the world that we have to put up with.

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yes I think early trauma is one of the many factors that “contribute” to schiz.


call genetics are reason, not a blame. A mentally ill mother carrying a baby will affect the baby. Can you understand that much? A macho father who can’t tolerate the frailties of little children will affect a child. Can you understand that?

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IMO when we get ill it is a defence mechanism in our brain to protect us,

It is a survival instinct in the extreme and it is a natural reaction to the problems we face in everyday life

We start by trying to block out reality because that is the problem, today’s society is too hectic, too fast, too much pressure to grow up, learn, get a job, drive and everything else,

We feel we cannot cope with this reality so we try to block it out and in the end our brain tries to make its own reality but it is all based on fear so our delusions and hallucinations are usually quite bad.

Paranoia is also a defence mechanism that is like an extreme over protective sensitivity to the Enviroment and everything in it, it’s also a survival instinct to the extreme, we avoid anything that could be a danger even little things.

And all of these symptoms usually tie in with each other.

IMO when we are very little and our brains are starting to develop and creating neural networks throughout the brain that this is what determines our predisposition to getting sz, this could be as early as when the child is still in the whom and it is in discomfort due to the position it’s in or if the mother drinks alcohol, smokes or takes drugs etc.

What do you think

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Schizophrenia could be the ultimate defense mechanism.

EVERYBODY sees what we see. We don’t have the monopoly on being traumatized by bad things in the world. So you can’t say that seeing or experiencing traumatic events is the sole cause of schizophrenia. or even the biggest cause. I don’t have the answer to your question except what I have read. Maybe witnessing violent or sick acts may TRIGGER schizophrenia. In SOME people. But I think we are born with the propensity to became schizophrenic. Plenty of people see bad things. Not everybody who witnesses violence becomes schizophrenic. So there must be another reason why we become schizophrenic. Even if you say it’s a defense mechanism,it still doesn’t really explain the cause of schizophrenia. It would beg the question why do we have this defense mechanism? Is it only present in schizophrenics? It’s like putting the cart before the horse. i.e. do we become schizophrenic because of this defense mechanism or do we have a defense mechanism because of schizophrenia.


I think some people who are predisposed to it genetically just succumb to it when the stress of life is too much. Schizophrenics are very sensitive people, we can’t take everything in probably, so we get sick, just like some people predisposed to heart disease can’t take stress and their heart gives problems. goes like that with whatever illness we are predisposed to. With us it just happens to be sz

ok so if it is genetic then it must be in built in to our DNA according to you,

so that means that it doesnt matter how you think or how your neural networks are formed we will still get it or we are still susceptible and a trigger may set it off.

but as we grow from the featus our brain starts to form and develop and i believe it is this development that is faulty and not our genes, when i say development i mean that there are other variables that have to be taken in to account

like at the earliest development in the womb all the way up through childhood and even longer, its the way our brains are formed not our genetics, the people that you say that dont get it even though they are triggered like us have just had a better brain development than us nothing more.

It’s not genetic im afraid, much worse actually.

The only connection to genetics i can find is if they single out certain people, like the jews in the holocaust, can’t say it was their genetics though.

I do not think that sz is some defence mechanism. At least two factors may trigger it: genetics and environmental experiences, but also the use of some drugs can trigger it. Since my childhood I knew I could get it, which is why I tried to live a stressfree life, but then it came anyway.

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I was born in to a very loving family and there wasn’t any major childhood trauma until the house fire at 14. But I was still out of my head at 5 years old.

My parents had battled their demons and won by the time I was born. They both have jobs as teachers. They didn’t yell at us, or ignore us. there was healthy food on the table.

In my case it HAS to be nature because I was nurtured very positively.

Lately I find I don’t really ponder why or how I got ill. If it really does boil down to the fact that microbes got into my mother blood stream when she helped clean a little box and that is why I am the way I am… that doesn’t really help me now. I should blame my mother for having a sister who had a cat.

There is a magazine up here that is all about parenting autistic children. Those articles also get to me…
Your child has autism because you live in the city/country
parents are or are not involved/uninvolved enough
parents are too carnivorous/vegetarian
Parents are too active/inactive
Parents work too much/not enough
parents wore too much cotton clothing and the chemicals in the cotton caused this.

It gets a bit much.


This is a difficult subject. Both of my children had pretty tough childhoods. As did I for that matter. Broken home, bullying and other forms of abuse. I was physically abused and my step dad tried to abuse me. My daughter probably suffered more then my son in a lot of areas. She has had her problems but has taken them in stride easier then my son has. I don’t think there is one answer. No different then two people smoking in the same home but only one develops cancer. There are too many variables to narrow it down to just one thing. If trauma alone was the culprit then me, my sisters, my mom and my daughter would be schizophrenic. Although I don’t disagree with it being a defense mechanism just that there is perhaps more to it…

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i didnt want to stir anything up in this thread, i dont want anyone feeling bad about the way they were brought up and i am sorry if thats what happened, i know most parents try their best and sometimes things just dont work out the way that they wanted, it not bad parenting but more like bad luck,

its probably easier on everyone if we do just say that it is all down to genetics that way people wont feel bad about the past and drag up all the bad stuff that happened, probably just better to forget all of that and just get on with things and if anyone thinks that they had a good childhood i wouldnt want them to question that either.