I think schizophrenia is some sort of "Vira"

If you were to investigate what causes schizophrenia under search (Google not allowed). Maybe schizophrenia “the disease” can be related to a fungus or a bacteria related perfume. Like a worm but it floats in water and it becomes liquid.

Not a single scientists knows how medication works or how the medication works for the brain or the brain itself works.

And the data you have to support this is where?


Well. Dopamine is a pretty good clue. Sz brains have too much dopamine in pathways. Meds were targeted to that. I’m not sure of timeline but it was a thing that was found out and meds targetting dopamine have been proven successful.

If it’s a virus or a bacterial infection…and there’s theories about certain bacteria for sure but why the 1 % of the population with sz? How do you explain that if it’s not genetic in my books? Yeah it could be an enviromental trigger like bacterial event or viral and probably is like winter births being more prevalent etc…

It’s not all conjecture. There’s some serious science behind medications. There really is.


Its an idea i made up on why people have schizophrenia.
When i was born i wasnt a normal kid.
I never learned anything at age 5 until.
You can say i had learning disability.
Maybe babies who has a learning disabilities are at risk of schizophrenia because who knows when the babie is going to start learning

I’m curious about where the data you have to support this statement came from.

Someone mentioned the data here in the forums

You’re one of those, “someone said it on Teh Intarwebz so it must be true” people?



No no.
It was mentioned and discussed in replys.

Einstein didn’t read till 3 or so as is reported. Still. It’s not something that is common even in our communtity/

Sz is most likely an inuteruo event. It happens in gestation and is an environmental trigger hitting some gentics. It’s nothing more nor less with our current understading.

You don’t have to have the disposition. Ie it can be random but suspect genes getting hit is an intelligent opinion.

Well, that’s solid evidence right there.

I don’t think sz is a virus. In that case my family should be infected and they are not.

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Imagine eating a gelatin made of virus then it forms into bacteria. The bacteria stays in your brain and stays there for lifetime. Any bacteria can be killed when its cleaned up.

So doing a fasting is a cleanser for your body.

There’s really no doubt in my mind that there is a large genetic factor for schizophrenia. There’s lots of evidence for this. I’m getting a bit tired and its late so don’t want to trot out a lot of statistics and examples, but just off the top of my head:

What else accounts for 50% of babies born to 2 schizophrenic parents developing schizophrenia?

There is a hypothesis that psychosis evolved in humans, and actually gives a survival advantage in some situations:

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He did mention theres was no fact even the replyer tried persueing him

I believe that SZ actually results from improper masturbation. Failing to use a condom or some other recepticle to catch the ejaculate results in some of it becoming airborne. Few people realize that flying free range sperm are feral and burrow into nearby brains, but this happens. We know the resulting damage as schizophrenia.

I read about it in a discussion forum somewhere.


Lol. You get sarcastic when you come off meds, apparently.

I’m sarcastic all the time. It will be a couple of weeks at least before I notice a difference from tapering down.

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Cmon you said masterbation feels good
Then you trust me

Absolutely, but it requires the correct planetary alignment and must be done over a ley line while playing Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp Minor, Op. 27, No. 2: Sonata quasi una fantasia on a kazoo with your free hand.

As much as I trusted my own mother.

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