And eventually Sleep! Now GET UP!

I’m having problems with my sleep, but it would be greatly improved if I could get up when my alarm first goes off.

The only thing I think is it’s warm and fall back asleep, meaning I have to set lots of alarms.

I’d like to be able to say set a alarm and get out of bed straight away, but between the sedateness of the meds (Olanzapine/ZYPREXA) and lack of cognitive ability I find this hard.

Does anyone here have any good suggestions/techniques?
What’s the optimum time between alarms?
& Don’t suggest a meds change!

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My take on it awhile ago.

It’s three in the morning and I can’t sleep
The clock on the wall just seems to be telling me time is slipping away
With thoughts racing through my mind
I’m tired but I can’t sit still
Lying on the bed just seems to makes it worse
But it’s peaceful at this time the world seems so still
No movement in air, just the street light for company
But this the time for rest and I can’t sleep
As the clock hits four
I’m frustrated even more
It’s time to take my feet out the door
I walk for awhile worried the police maybe called
A crazy guys walking around while where all trying to sleep
Because house owners dogs seem to go completely mental at any strangers at this time of day
My head been cleared as I start to make it back to the door
It’s five in the morning the birds start to sing
That damn kookaburra’s laugh still seems to echo through my head
I know it’s late, I need some sleep
Just a little to get me through the day
Just as my head hits the pillow my eyes too tired to stay open
I hear the next door neighbours complaining the guy next doors had his lights on all night again.
This wakes me up as they talk in the drive
Oh well, I’m up now, there’s coffee to be had
As I sit and drink my fill, I think to myself
Tomorrow night, if nothing else I can go through all this all again

Google sleep hygiene and really research it.


Try some breathing exercise. …i do it everyday my sleep has improved…

Have you tried taking your meds earlier at night? For me I have a lot of trouble waking up if I take them after 6. 5 pm is most ideal.

Also the problem with setting a bunch of alarms is then your brain is like ummm but I can just wake up at the NEXT alarm so why would I wake up at the first one? And this pattern continues until you’ve burned through more alarms. If you know you only get one alarm, it will give you more anxiety and pressure to wake up on that first one.

Also I recommend using an alarm clock rather than a phone alarm, or make sure you select a phone alarm that is really startling. Phones have too many peaceful soft alarms that wake you up gently. If you wake up with your heart pounding at loud screeching alarm you will also be less likely to fall back asleep.

Also some mental techniques, focus on the time you want to wake up at before you go to bed. When you wake up in the morning, look at the time. Even if you do fall back asleep on accident after doing this, you will be training your brain to wake up at this time in doing so, even without an alarm.

Put your alarm across your room on a nightstand or table. So when it goes off you have to get out of bed to turn it off. Many people do this.

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