Anyone else wake up at stupid o'clock?

i always seem to wake at 4.30/5am and as i have to b up at 6am i find it stupid to go back to sleep and wake up groggy an hour later so i stay up ntil my son goes to school at 8am. then once i’ve dropped him off i’ll sleep till about 11/12 in the afternoon. i didnt take the seroquel last night, opting instead for 2 diazepam and two orphenadrine. the voices were kind and didn’t keep me awake last night. so here i am, it’s 5am and i’m waiting for the hot water so i can have a bath or shower. anyone else wake up in the night?

Yes i always wake up around 5 due to my racing mind and than i fall back to sleep until 8

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Take the pills at regular times everyday seems a good thing for the average sufferer!

For example. I take zyprexa ( antipsychotic ) every night at around 6-7pm and go to bed pretty soon after! I suffer badly from med sedation but I enjoy and do my best getting up early…5am onwards but no later than 7am…that is a huge sleep in for me!!!

Seriously. I think it’s important to have a regular sleep cycle and it’s a no brainer to take your meds same time! I get a bit of a kick from antidepressants so I take Effexor in the mornings with my coffee…first thing I do! I take sleepy meds at night and thus the zyprexa…

I’m off the anxiety meds. Had a gran mal on Xanax so fock them…I titrated off of them and much happier for it…I used to take Xanax to nap or send me to sleep but have found I sleep and nap better without them which is good!

As always, this is stuff to talk with your shrink about! Sleep is vitally important for function and loss of function isn’t a good sign…

A friend in the struggle,


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i only use seroquel in emergencys as i’m on injections every two weeks. i can’t take my meds and just go to bed as i have kids and there would b no one to cook for them or look after them. my sleep is usually not bad but if the voices r bad then i can’t sleep. that’s when i use the seroquel but i can’t take it until 9pm when my son (youngest) goes to bed. besides which i don’t want to b dependent on it to get me to sleep every night. i prefer natural sleep and not being like a zombie the next day. the diazepam and orphenadrine r a lesser evil i guess.


Antipsychotics have half lifes…that means that they last in the blood stream for a certain time…most do 24 hours but ones like Seroquel are like 12 hours…I’m just going on second hand information I’ve heard from around the traps but I think that is pretty accurate…please incorporate any information which is newer!

So…taking antipsychotics same time is a pretty good idea! As most such medications are sedating it’s usually a good strategy to take them same time every night…it should help dealing with such things as sedation etc!

A friend in the struggle,


Stupid o’ clock is known around here as O’ Dark Thirty.
I’m up about every two hours anyway, have no trouble crawling back in bed and sleeping. Somedays I just don’t even get up.

I woke up when I was asleep once. I also woke up once when I was not asleep, and I didn’t realize I was awake until I fell asleep. ha! and then I was like, it doesn’t make sense–bad bad bad ending. No more like, sitting on a large mattress and contemplating how your life has been on painful long drawn out panic attack. I notice so much that people just are so surreal and weird and freak me out --holy mutant ninja turtles—I can’t believe how high I am right now.

I seem to wake up at around this time, no matter when I fall asleep, its a pain in my ass - its got to be the meds Im thinking

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Right now I’m not in a normal sleep patten. But that is on purpose for a while. I am testing an idea. If my idea works, then I can get back on my normal pattern. But for now I go to bed around 8:00 p.m. and then around 11:00 I get up every few hours for my idea.

Normally it’s in bed around 9:00 a.m. and up at 4:00 a.m.

My dogs woke me and my mom up too at 6am. I can’t go back to sleep once I wake up so it ruined my day. Oh well, two classes, visit my shrink and I can call it quits.

since taking my new sleeping pills i am actually sleeping YIIPPPEEEE !
but i know what it is like not to sleep, sorry for everyone who is not sleeping .
take care


I do that when I go to bed early (10). wake up at 5 and decide to get up to avoid waking up groggy later. last till 8 or 9. Wake up around noon. So I gp to bed later now.

I used to wake up around 3-4am for maybe a month or 2 I would say.
It could be due to your medication because I believe some of it does make you tired?
So after that tiredness has worn off you will awaken.
If it’s not due to the medication it will probably just be your body clock,the body does strange things sometimes I know.