Seroquel and waking up in time

Monday I’m supposed to have an interview. In the 90s alarms on the phone and digital alarms both would run until you wake up and they were annoying.

The seroquel made me sleep 1 hour and 70 minutes over my alarm clock. I woke up with extreme dry mouth and dry eyes from the fam I guess. Why are all the alarms and scales I buy breaking? The alarm is ■■■■■■ silent and so is the phone. Monday I have an interview for subway what the hell?

Any advice to get up on antipsychotics?

Sorry, no advice. When I was on Olanzapine I slept a lot too. it was really difficult to get up.

Edit: I bought a Google Home Mini, I use that as an alarm. It is pretty loud at 100% volume.

That’s not really okay. Everyday I’m not working I’m giving my ableist family an excuse to state hospitalize me. The staff give you a Ativan shot when you’re screaming at them pissed that you don’t wanna be in a hospital for a week. The family don’t care they think nursing homes are safe I had three family members die in a hospitals care they want.

My mouth is pure dry and my eyes were dry shut it’s like it didn’t even go off. On disability it looks like I still need help. I don’t but the sleeping thing needs to improve

Yeah, I got angry at a psychiatrist and she wanted to lock me up in a mental health facility. Luckily my mom said no to that. I’ve learned that when your in the psych ward to just bite your tongue and say nothing. Just wait it out until they release you. If you show anger or are being problematic it just extends your stay.

If your sleeping problems are really bad, Tell your doctor, sounds like you may have to try a different medication. I’ve been on meds with intolerable side effects, I told the doctor I wasn’t going to take them anymore and we tried something else. I switched to Lurasidone and I don’t have a sleeping problem with that med.

Now I have the opposite problem. Since quitting olanzapine I am experiencing insomnia.

My longest stay in a mental facility was 5 months. I don’t ever want to do that again.

The seroquel is for mania, there’s like three meds for bipolar type one. The problem is the alarm clocks. When I ■■■■■■■ woke up I should have heard both my phone and my alarm clock going off but no they were silent why do today’s alarms always shut off after awhile

I don’t know why your alarms stop. Try a Google Home Mini if you can afford it, they are like $60 if I remember, they won’t go off until you shut it off. It’s all voice activated.

“Hey Google, set alarm for 8:30am”
“Hey Google, set alarm volume to 100%”
It keeps going until you finally get up, then you say “Hey google, off”

You can also connect it to apps on your smartphone to wake up to the radio

“Hey Googe, set radio alarm for 8:30am play 97.3”

I’ve been really happy with it.

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