Anaerobic vs aerobic exercise

What are you people’s thoughts on the two? I’m starting to get into aerobic exercises for agility. I’ve also gone back to my old karate stretching. Does anyone know of any good aerobic exercises for agility? I’ve been doing burpees (with a jump) and a few other ones so far.

Is anaerobic strength training? I’ve heard you need both.

Yes it is more of a high intensity work out in short bursts, such as weight lifting, or as I understand it, running at maximum speed.

I’ve heard anaerobic is better, or at least that seems to be the trend for now.

Jumping rope is a great exercise for agility. I used to do 2,000 repetitions a day. I never missed. It helped me in more ways than you’d think - like with balance, rhythm, and timing. Bruce Lee thought the best way to condition was to combine aerobic and anaerobic exercise. He recommended running three or four miles, and then start doing short bursts of sprints - jogging and then sprinting. Also, plyometrics are a great anaerobic exercise.