Eventually i go for run

After 4 months of being sedentary
I eventually go for run
Everyday at 4 pm sleep attack so that i cant go for run
This the only day i havent sleep attack
So i run
I run 800 m and walk 1200 m
I think Running is the best thing to show overall health of body
I become verytired i had palpitation , somewhat tachycardia
So my overall health is not so good
This could be explained by
I drink alot beverage all contain caffeine , i put alot of weight sorry for that
I hope i become better in coming day
Love you :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’ve always been a runner, it’s great high

yeah doing intervals is good, that’s the way I’ve liked it more recently

did you know that sprints and jazzercise are non-aerobic exercise

aerobic exercise is doing a 3 mile jog/run without stopping.


I wish I could jog for even a short while.
I’m too fat, old and sedated to run safely.


everybody can dance @Wave, especially when no one is watching.


No one cant walk you should walk for short period of time and diet the main goal is to lose weight you should focus hardly on that

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me too. I once ran for my borough with a team of 3. I really miss that high. Do you still jog, were you able to whilst on AP? I can’t,my feet feel glued to the ground when I try

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it just depends upon when I’m really into it, I get burnt out easily.

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