An Unusual Problem

I am a 63 year old man. I have never been married and I have no children. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia at the age of twenty. I have felt isolated and paranoid for most of my life.

My unusual problem is that I would like to find a lady friend who I can spend time with. Considering all of the above mentioned, do I have any chance at all of getting this done. The only income I have is my SSDI.

What do you think folks?.

Nothing is impossible. If you can go out and meet people the chanses are you might find someone. Try finding a hobby you like and go to meetings. :slight_smile:


There’s a lot of single older ladies since men tend to die much earlier and also date younger women. As long as you’re willing to date unattractive women you’ll probably have luck.

Unfortunately, 63 for a men is not quite a same as 63 for a women.
I had a professor in his sixties who dated a 20 yr old student.

I’m almost sure the same thing will happen to me. Although I’ve only lived half the years you’ve spent on this planet, I’d like to reiterate what I say a lot: You should be proud to have come this long. Lots of people think they are indestructible, while our fear and paranoia can act as preventive defense mechanism against things that could harm us. This morning I was reading about a rapper, “Chinx” who got shot in NYC and died at 31 years old. You’ve avoided that, maybe God is pleased with you, maybe you’ve had the flair to navigate through life unscathed…

I understand where you’re coming from as far as getting a partner goes. Our biggest hurdle is not opening up to others for fear of being let down. Women usually don’t take the first step, it’s our job to do so. I’d consider myself extremely lucky if some girl were to come talk to me and be frank about wanting a relationship. But I have these standards you see. Anyways good luck, as Buddha says, the suffering in our lives is caused by the things we desire, if we let go of that feeling of always wanting more than we have, then we can achieve Nirvana!

Thank you very much ekoms! You are a Blessed Soul.

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Hey, you’re quite welcome man. Your message is appreciated!! :heart:

I can say that many men in my area join the library clubs and meet up with women that way. I myself am only 49 and are still too stubborn to commit to a man in a relationship. The women really take a shine to the men who join the clubs. Usually once they are “snatched up” you don’t see them anymore.:heart_eyes_cat:

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Maybe you could try church. A lot of towns have writer’s clubs that are mostly elderly women. I belong to one.

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I am in my fortys and also never married and no children.

I live with my parents and wonder what life would be without them.

My dad always wanted me to find somone and get married and so does my cousins and uncles from his side.

Thank you Dude1. I can really identify with you.

I think that it’s always been hard to date by having schizophrenia due to low libido, low income, the scariness of being honest and saying, “And I have schizophrenia,” but I have never given up trying, wanted to many times, but I haven’t. So, yes, i think you should Go For It!

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Thank you, Daze!