Sza and no luck with the ladies

I’m 26 had a few gfs but ever since I got diagnosed with sza havnt had very much luck with the lady’s

I got schizophrenia at about age 17, and then joined AA at age 24. So when I was 26 I was still wairting to get more than a year out of the round robin of involuntary hospitalizations before I would start a relationship.

Later, I became a stable, sober dude, and a lot of ladies who had experienced abusive relationships thought I looked like a gentle reprieve from the horrors they had been through. Therefore, my dance card has been pretty full for a couple decades or more.



I used to talk to a wonderful psychiatrist a lot in my twenties. I told him I judged I had a high sex drive. He said, quite sincerely, I was lucky. I guess he was right. But it sure wasn’t fun when I couldn’t get hooked up.


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You are 21 years younger than I am, I am sure you find a lady for yourself. Just try more. But in the case if you do not find, you can also live by yourself and other people, everything will be ok.


Have you tried dating sites?

Also, do you tell women early on that you have Sza?

I am 24 and still waiting for a stable relationship but I think I need to make friends first


You will find someone. I met my fiancé (who has SZ) when I was 21 and he was 31. We have been together for close to a decade. At the begin I had no idea he had SZ, I also have been on the end of his psychosis episodes. It was two years after I met him that he was sent to a mental health facility. I might have been naïve about his mental health but love lets you look past flaws and accept them as a part of their psyche.

You guys are both young, my fiancé was without a partner for 7 years before I met him.

Speaking as a married lady, I can say that I see a number of things about people with sz that make them attractive as partners. Primary is that, like most illnesses, sz can teach people the value of compassion.

This post illustrates some of those good qualities