An outcast even on this site

Undoubtedly it is difficult to gain traction in the outside world, especially as sz. Career and starting a family are probably the two biggest measuring sticks. Having a social network or friends is more on the fringe of what’s most important but I can’t seem to get it right.

And not just on the outside world, but the cyber one, too. I see others on this site and how well received s/he is, even respected. I do my best to post my experiences and try to be supportive when and where I can be. I’m not as funny as, say, 77nick77, or use as many exclamation marks as rogueone but I have my moments. I feel like I post then climb back into my hole. I suppose even people with sz can be charming or charismatic. Just a thought…


I’m pretty new so I don’t expect the same attention as people who have been here like 4 or 5 years. I always notice your posts because of your pic and I binge-watched Parks and Rec when I had an infection. I think that’s the guy your pic is of, the guy who ate a lot of meat, Ron was his name.


I have been back only one night and I have noticed your posts. I think its the sz that makes all of us feel inadequate and not liked… Which forms the basis of paranoia. You are noticed and you belong with us


U worry about what people think of u on an anonymous schizophrenic forum?


I may not always comment on your threads but I usually read them. I don’t think you should feel like an outcast or anything like that. Sometimes people don’t know what to say but you are still a valuable member of the forum.


@gene I can understand why you had this kind of feeling. I don’t post much now because I’m afraid of being misunderstood and being attacked by other people like what I got from Firemonkey a month ago. I don’t know if I am an outcast on this site. Anyway I just don’t care if I should be active or if I am welcome on this forum. A life on a cyber forum isn’t necessary or critical for one’s happiness, so Just let it be.

Maybe I should only respond to some particular members about whom I am sure he/she likes my posts.

Hope you are not offended by this post @gene


Gene where you been? Don’t go. I like you being here.

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I’m sorry if I don’t respond to your posts. I have limited time here so I don’t read everything that is posted. I have a tendency to click on what interests me and where I think I can be most supportive. There are some members here who are very responsive and check everything. I appreciate that. The more you contribute the more people will comment and be open to responding. Peace.


I think you do fit in. I like your posts.


That’s a pretty good way of handling gender pronouns. I prefer that to made up words.

Mate. Always found you to be straight up and sensible. That isn’t a bad thing in the scheme of things! Yes I do use a lot of exclamation marks! lol. You’d be surprised by that people who read and absorb your stuff in a place like this! Everyone makes this place and your input is always appreciated even if you think it isn’t!

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I’m not too much concerned what others think of my posts. I just see a parallel between the outside world and the forum. I’m largely ignored in the physical world but glad to know there are some here that get something from my posts. I could probably take a lesson in online etiquette, might improve my likeability. Human nature to desire to be liked.


I also felt attacked by you. I had made a big effort on this current forum software to socialise more and you dismissed that without a second thought. It hurt.

You matter. You are important. What you think and how you feel are significant. Listen to the responses and feedback you are receiving from this post. We care about you! Try not to compare yourself to others. You are more than enough!

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My understanding is that the term “outcast” means that people are deliberately rejecting someone or deliberately putting someone in an inferior position. I don’t see that here.

Is anyone ostracizing you or insulting you or disrespecting you? That would be something serious, something to worry about, but if a large number of people aren’t responding to your posts it’s not deliberate and it’s not their fault or your fault. Some people just make a bigger impact than others.

These forums have have deceptively large number of regular members. I once opened a page somehow and saw a list of the regulars names. I was amazed because I thought I would recognize 25 or 30 maybe. But I saw at least a hundred familiar screen names or more.

And I looked at the list and I was thinking, "Yeah, I remember when that person was posting a lot, or even every day. And I saw a hundred names like that. These forums are just funny things where some newcomer will, “burst onto the scene” and become a presence on the forums right away either because of positive posts or negative controversial posts. And they might be on here a year and then just disappear, and sadly, even forgotten.

I’m trying to say that certain members resonate with people and get more attention. But there’s no big plots to ignore members or gang up on them. We are all in the mix, so to speak, thrown in here and maybe people start recognizing us and maybe they don’t. If you stick around, you might start getting recognized and more or people might start relating to your problems. You can’t force everyone to like you or answer your posts. They’ll will do it if they want but you can’t force them. And by the way, I should have said this at the beginning but I’ve noticed your screen name and your posts many times and you seem alright to me.


I don’t see you as an outcast. I often read what you post, and generally i like to reply to many different people in a supportive fashion. I don’t post very often because i feel i have nothing worth really reading or responding to, so i understand where you’re coming from. However, you are noticed and your posts are always worth reading.

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did you ever go under a different name? i seem to recognise your pic but not the name :confused:

i’d suggest trying to transfer the skills you learn socialising on this forum to your real life, you may learn to find it more enjoyable and rewarding.

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