Did you ever feel some people don''''t like u becoz of sz/sza?

I found tis

i ad a d8 said se wouldn’'t d8 a pick axe murderer

it it me ard tat

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Can you write in English ?!

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New studies show the effort put in by reading Pedro’s posts boost your brain and prevents aging


jst me keyboard is faulty no arm done

I always said my madness equals genius buddy


Very few people know I have schizophrenia. So, I don’t think that’s an issue for me.

Get your ■■■■■■■ keyboard replaced already @san_pedro

It’s really becoming annoying


My close friends stayed after. 4 people. Mental illness wasn’t a dealbreaker.

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1 in a 100 ave it

just avoid my treads if u don;;t like em

sza/sz i eard so many storys

@san_pedro i like you but it’s getting difficult to read your threads and posts and I want to be able to respond.
It’s nothing personal about you

Most people I interact with have no idea I have SZ. The few I’ve disclosed to have been very surprised as they thought I was a bit eccentric at best.

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ok but text talk is ok

you knw wat i mean

even wen i leave out letters

i lik tex talk better anyway

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me 2

my broter d oter day said i aven’'t sz

after 20 years

no one knws wat sz is

Specialists know what it is. They’re still working on why it is.

Im pretty sure i have a cousin or two who no longer like me once they found out i have sz

I feel they don’t like me because of how I acted due to sz, but like it or not the outside World perceives it as me and not something beyond my control. It’s how it is.

I quickly realized that I didn’t have a lot of real friends.

I told two of my closest friend that I suffered from a psychotic illness. I never heard from them again.

I had another friend that always talked about his problems, depression and other stuff to me and I listened, for years this went on. Then when I got ill and tried to talk to him (who I trusted) he stopped listening and broke all contact with me. He didn’t answer my calls, nothing! The ass-hole only wanted to talk about himself. He does this to everyone so I understood that it’s not my fault! But I wasted years listening to this guy!

I only have one friend left. I told him I’m mentally ill but didn’t tell him about my Sz. I guess I’ll tell him at one point or another.

Sz is a lonely disease!


I knew someone like that, that person always used me as her trauma dump, but didn’t i dare to talk about my problems to her. I stopped talking to her and i’m happier than ever.