An opinion on too many delusional posts

The people who post the most serious delusions are often suffering. Should they not be allowed here? This is one of the top 10 most debilitating diseases in the world. You’re going to get delusions. If someone clicks on a delusion and it bothers them, then stop reading it and move on. I will admit, on some of these delusions they have lost me. I don’t understand how they can think such detailed and 'wrong" thoughts… But I bet the person writing it is not happy and in remission and pain-free, should we turn our backs on them? Or should we try to listen and help? Frankly maybe these delusional people are sick and tired of us saying how well we are doing. The shoe may be on the other foot, so to speak. How would all you people who are doing good feel if you relapsed and got delusional, and we turned our backs on you and told you we don’t want to hear that crap? Don’t judge until you’ve walked a mile in someones shoes, who know nothing in their current life EXCEPT for delusions. I skip most of the ones that are pure fantasy, others I can see have a small hold on reality. I’m not saying anythings wrong with posting positive stuff of course,but we need to have a little empathy in lots of cases. We are different people, when people feel that they don’t like to many delusional posts, that’s their honest feelings and you can’t discount that. But delusions are THEIR honest feelings too, of what they are going through. How would a cancer support website function if people with cancer couldn’t talk about their physical ( and mental) pain? What if they couldn’t share what chemotherapy is doing to them? What if they were banned from writing about their hair falling out? See my point? What if people just don’t have ANYTHING going right in their life? I think we’ve all been there. Should they be banned until something positive happens in their life? This site functions as an outlet for the mentally ill. For people who’s lives are going great, then more power to you. Keep the positive thoughts and reports on your progress coming!! The more the better. You are helping the people who are not doing as good as you. Like I said, I’m not discounting your feelings about too many delusional posts. But I’m not discounting people who write delusional posts either.


I completely and totally agree with you. This is a schizophrenia site, all kinds of people should be welcomed here. If you are uncomfortable with the more delusional posts, skip over them, ignore them. I personally like to respond to some of these posts so I can support others. This site should not exclude anyone. Its becoming a contest of who is saner - the snobbery is starting to show itself in very ugly ways. The truth of the matter is we all have schizophrenia or schizoaffective - deal with it. You cannot pretend as if your illness miraculously disappeared. Those that are functioning now may end up in a straight jacket later on in their life. I will admit it, the bragging on here is getting to me a bit. If you do not like to hear the experiences of those struggling, stay away from the delusional section.
Lets support each other, or don’t support others, but please do not look down upon others who are at a lower functioning stage into their illness. We are all in this together


i agree with the above post.
i am very grateful for this site, for the humour, the honesty, the recovery stories and even the delusional stories…
my sz light came on when i was 2, i had odd behavior, got worse at 5 , seeing things from 7 onwards, i am 46 now …
i do not enjoy being sz or ocd or ptsd , my life is a f…hell…but i use humour to mellow my moods.
i do not do meds…my shrink does not want me on meds…because she thinks it will screw up the recovery i have managed…so far…i basically have stayed out of the ’ system ’ untill 3 months ago.
this site has been a ’ blessing ’ , my communcation skills have improved as has my understanding.
i don’t feel isolated, i don’t feel difficult about my delusions, i feel understood and accepted.
to be honest i would have suicided had i not found this site, i was at breaking point.
we should all treat each other with kindness and understanding for each battle is unique and not to be judged.
some of us have taken different paths, some of us have been doing this for a long time and some a short time.
take care


[quote=“Wave, post:2, topic:4643”] This site should not exclude anyone. Its becoming a contest of who is saner - the snobbery is starting to show itself in very ugly ways. The truth of the matter is we all have schizophrenia or schizoaffective - deal with it. You cannot pretend as if your illness miraculously disappeared. Those that are functioning now may end up in a straight jacket later on in their life.

I agree…


My point is that even when I was delusional, I knew that no one wanted to hear me talk about my delusions. I havent always been in remission, and when I wasnt, I didnt post about my delusions…i figured they were delusions and no one wanted to hear about them because they all had plenty of their own.

But not everybody is like you. Not everybody is you. It’s a schizophrenic support site. Count yourself lucky that you are enjoying a remission and you are enjoying a life that many people will never have. Certainly you are entitled to your opinion but it wouldn’t be fair to the person suffering to have hostility directed at him for reaching out for help or sharing exactly what he/she is going through.


I’m in an SZ support group and I do talk about my delusions sometimes. Not ALL of them. There are a few that are not something I feel comfortable discussing. But some of the ones I’ve managed to work through, or some of the new ones that are trying to spring up I do talk about. I also post them now and then.

When I’m in my Sz support group and I do talk about some of the games my head circus has played and someone comes up later and says… “I’ve had the exact same problem. I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I’m so glad someone out there somewhere can understand where I’m coming from.” Then we both end up feeling better.

It’s not all one sided. I met a guy with a delusion close to mine about kidnappers. We have a link, we even laugh about our kidnapper precautions. It is odd and a relief to meet another person who gets this…

@77nick77 … your post reminds me of the new guy in my support group who is quickly pulling out of a sudden onset. He wants to be a therapist he says. But his impatience with people who are struggling with more sever symptoms makes me cringe. He says “I don’t have time to sit around and listen to this ■■■■”

What does he think he’ll be doing as a therapist? If I had more balls, I’d try my best to tell him he’s not going to make it. He’s going to come off as arrogant as the therapist he rants about as being horrid.


I was guilty of this when i first became ill, i looked down on the others at first, i was saner than them.

So foolish of me.


This Site has been a LIFESAVER for me on and off for 20 years. I am not sure how to respond to someone who is hallucinating or delusional. My son was very good at hiding. I would love to support ANYONE who needs it. I will have to take my cue from all of you. This is the place to come for everyone. I`m so glad that anyone who is having symptoms comes here.


I usually skip the delusions and hallucinations - not because I don’t think they’re important. But because I’ve never had those symptoms, and not having firsthand experience and knowledge I feel I don’t have much to offer in response. And they’re hard to encompass sometimes.

Maybe 'm self centered, but I tend to read posts that seem to be about something that I have in common. I think maybe once someone posted who seemed to have some similar experiences to what I’ve had, and she didn’t last long.

I never noticed that there were too many delusional posts. I don’t mind them at all since I’ve had delusions and want to express some of them. Sometimes my posts have been deleted in the past. I guess they couldn’t understand the delusion I had. Read them or not, but let people post them I say.


Well you make a valid point, but even someone in recovery is somewhat delusional. More then 50 percent of people on this form are hearing a delusional voice talking to them in their head or hallucinating. This is not reality and even you probably have a voice still in your head.


If the reaction to a delusional post was one of support, like recommending medications, therapy, stress management tools, then I’d be fine with it all. But in the vast majority of cases there is no support. It’s all patting each other on the back and joining in.

If someone doesn’t like a delusional post, stay out of the delusions sub-forum. If you don’t like someone complaining about delusional posts, don’t read it.

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It’s very hard not to read posts especially if they happen to be in the middle of a thread. This forum needs the ability to block certain posters. That way if a poster regularly annoys or triggers you you don’t get to see their crap.
The ability to block other posters is a standard on most forums.

I read it and thought I would give my opinion. I won’t dwell on it but that was my feelings on the subject. You never know how one post will effect another person. We had someone apologizing for their symptoms. I’m glad to support that person if they need to vent about their problems and are feeling guilty or intimidated by someone elses opinion that they should not be sharing about what’s going on in their life. I can barely stick up for myself, but I hope I helped at least one person.


i totally agree. this is a place for support for everyone, recovered, delusional or whatever stage they’re at. i think that some people can b overly harsh in their reactions toward delusional posts. obviously, if the person knew that it was pure delusion then they wouldn’t b bloody posting in the first place. so let’s have some acceptance for everybody and not so much bullying if u don’t agree. if u don’t like it…simply scroll on.


I’m new here, I enjoy the news only. Otherwise, I find the other sections to be lonely people suffering from their illness. I’m one of those too, but I am not today, so I scroll past it. Sometimes blogging delusional garbage just makes you feel better. I understand that, but don’t have to read it. I wonder if anybody read this? - lol


You have a kind and beautiful spirit. This inspires me. Thank you.

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I agree. Not everyone has insight. Everyone here deserves support whether well or not.


There is a Unusual Beliefs, Delusions, and Hallucinations.
But post where ever you want.

I try to keep it simple. just for myself anyway.