Should people who refuse to do anything to recover from delusions be allowed on this site?

Sometimes I see delusional individuals post repeatedly about their delusions, and I find it kind of triggering even if I don’t suffer from those delusions.
(And some might say, if I’m that sensitive maybe I should find somewhere else to hang)

I realise there should be room for those too, just like we have room for people who aren’t really schizophrenic, or don’t receive medical treatment.

But many of those afforementioned delusional individuals seem to post here with no intention of doing anything to recover or break free from the delusions although this is supposed to be a recovery oriented forum. No therapy, no cognitive exercises, no talking sense or logic with them, etc.

So my question is, should the mods do more to keep those people at bay? Maybe even silenced if they continue to rant semi-gibberish?
Or am I just being a big old meanie and need to go back to my corner?
Am I the only one with these thoughts?



The mods do an excellent job on this site.

I think you just thinking into it too much !!


Not silenced or anything like that. But mods should explain that this is recovery oriented site.

Yes, I agree. If there not showing even an interest in overcoming delusions they should be suspended or blocked from continuing to post non sense. I had a lot of threads about coincidences but they were about trying to rationalize them and the same for the voices.

Everyone deserves support, even those in grips of delusion. You never know when a delusion will break or who or what will break it.

And we do delete posts where the person is fighting to preserve their delusions, often.


Nope. You seem to get triggered way too easily. And some of us are not 100% delusional. I take offense to your post. People need help and this is a support forum not just for people like you.


People should be free to post their delusions, but in a recovery capacity. They should be receptive to suggestions of dealing with those delusions.


Don’t be harsh toward @Pikasaur
Honesty is ok, she didn’t do anything wrong.

I’m sorry I offended you.
I don’t say this to be mean, but you work your delusions into every conversation you participate in, and I’m sure it must be very triggering for people with similar delusions to read.
And it concerns me that you seem so enveloped in it.

I don’t like dealing with delusional people, I can’t explain why, but it triggers a deep-seated fear in me about losing control over mental faculties.


That refusal to do anything may very well be due to anosognosia /lack of insight . Such people are very ill and need help and support.


Well, you have schizophrenia too and most schizophrenics have delusions so I dont see the problem. That’s like saying you have bipolar and don’t like people with mania.

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You told me I make threads about the same things? I was looking for someone to rationalize it

I somewhat agree in a sense @Pikasaur.

I’ve seen users (not gonna name drop) that come on here and ask the same questions multiple times, users who are rude in regards to their delusions, amongst other things.

The mods are doing their best so it’s not too big of a worry for me.

I don’t mind delusional people who admit they’re delusional, as long as they don’t push their delusions on me.
What freaks me out is when people become consumed by their delusions and accuse people who oppose them of lying or not being smart enough to understand. Like there’s no way of getting them into their heads that maybe, just maybe you’re dealing with symptoms of your illness.

I had some correspondence with a girl today who said she belived nothing was wrong with her and the staff at her hospital should allow her to self-harm and throw up her food because it’s the only way she feels calm, and that reality is just a lie she needs to be freed from.

It creeps me out how people can lose that much touch with reality.
Especially considering in my country, people who get an sz diagnosis are sent to psychoeducation classes where they are told everything there is to know about the illness.

Or that nobody believes them despite it or some of it being real. I had some mild anosognosia for a while. I realize now I’m sick on vraylar because i benefit from the med.

And to say I weave my delusions into my post is rude because I dont do it on purpose. I do it to get help. Parents and others refuse to go to the authorities because the authorities were told to do nothing about it according to other Montauk survivors. I’ve bitched and moaned here because I’ve been shut out in therapy and other places. Feel free to mute me or add a block user feature, but to deny people like me help or an outlet is wrong. I’ve already been through enough.


Yes , you have done . There was a serious attempt to rationalise it, but you weren’t in the right frame of mind to accept that. I didn’t want you off the forum because of that.

You were very delusional for a while. I’m glad you are doing better.

Thanks. Tbh I don’t even read your posts as they are all to do with past lives and far too triggering.

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Most people who are delusional are not self aware . The interesting thing is a delusional person may see another person is delusional , but deny they themself are delusional.


@insidemind agree Bud we should help everyone on here this forum ain’t Fakebook for Fooks Sake!

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