we do not suffer from an identical sz illness.
it differs per person.
some have paranoid sz…no voices and no visual.
some have voices…no visual…
our illness is as unique and as varied as we are.
do we not cater for everyone on here ?
if half of our illness…is about delusions.
is it a good idea to find a place to talk about said delusions, to find a safe environment.
for me it is healing to talk about such things.
it seems we are cracking down on certain delusions on this forum.
to heal sz…we must include all sz.
take care :alien:


Well said @darksith. You seem well.


Delusions and secondary involuntary automatic thought forms are my primary symptoms. I also hear voices. Really a lot of the time it seems like someone else is thinking inside my head. Really it’s like they all are. They take my prethoughts and blow them up and make me see what would otherwise have been unconscious. Something changed in my brain under the delusion of telepathy. They really do seem like straight up telepaths like they know something I don’t. It gets so old. Just have to try and maintain the mindset it’s not real.


sorry you are feeling this way, this illness is tiring.
know some one cares.
take care :alien:


thank you, some days are clearer than others. today i can see the rainbow :rainbow:
take care :alien:


You must have a good view from your spaceship. Probably puts things into perspective.


i have a holiday hut on the moon :moon: with fake palm trees and a hammock…it’s my chill out zone !!
:rocket: take care from :alien:


Nice 15 characters…


I think what the users and diagnosed want on this forum doesn’t seem to matter.


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The whispering leaves of grass are always greener on the other side of the paranoid fence.


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well said sith and i totally agree. we must welcome and be supportive of everyone whatever the state of mind of anyone posting. are we to turn our backs just because admin doesn’t like a particular thread. to be honest it pisses me off when a thread gets locked, just as it was becoming an interesting debate. good post.


Yea, I took a break and even now stopped coming here as often because I was tired of half the threads I participated in getting locked. What good is an ‘Unusual Beliefs’ forum if the threads get locked because they’re ‘Unusual Beliefs’?


i agree that is a slight irony !?!
i think the finger should hover above the :lock: locked button just for a wee bit longer…
if there is outright nastiness and unproductive heated debate that is fine…let the finger descend on the button of :lock:
but talking about our delusions i.e aliens is healthy and personally helping me.
take care :alien:


My hallucinations have a plausibility to them. For instance, I’ll hear girls talking about me in a restaurant, and there won’t be anyone else in the restaurant. I’ll hear a voice talking about me down the street, but I will be out of sight and out of range of that voice. That goes away when I take med’s.


I can see how delusions become called delusions of grandeur. The aliens have powers, Gods have powers, Faeries have powers, Governments have powers. If we just associate ourselves with these things, we get part of the power. OK…


Just watch for those things the Apollo astronauts saw…unless it was your people who put them there… :smile:

I have seen that too, and the reluctance of some people (not all) to not want to explore the difference between true delusion and real happenings, even if those happenings happen on a quantum or spiritual level…aka: the unexplained.
The unexplained, whether it be religious in nature, UFOs, aliens, spirits, ghosts, etc have been with us since the beginning. Cave paintings show fantastical creatures, spaceships and the like. Were the cave artists portraying their delusions? Were the writers of scared texts all delusional about what they reported? Literally billions of people believe in the variety of faiths handed down from ancient times, complete with their spirits, gods, angels, demons, flying creatures and ‘chariots’ (ships)… and a majority of those people who believe are not diagnosed mentally ill.

We should let the sheer numbers of true believers tell the story. It is certainly not something to crack down on…we should just try and explore the differences (as well as similarities) between delusional thoughts and real phenomenon.
Even most religions themselves speak of rejecting delusions…explainedf as deceiving spirits, temptations, trickery,… and warn us not to follow them if they come, and reject them by faith in a more powerful being (God, angels, etc) So even religions have their methods of dealing with delusions…

The story of the temptation and fall of Adam and Eve is a perfect example. The humans believed a lie that was told them, and followed the voice and vision that fed them that lie…it doesn’t matter if the account involves speaking serpents, trees of life and knowledge, etc…the core lesson is to not feed into the delusional voice and act upon it, because there may be consequences.


History tells us that this is a dangerous way to make decisions.


If you are referring to religion and certain religious-political leaders who started wars or oppressed certain classes of people, I would agree.
Also with the cults who would be an example of delusion when people become grandiose and start speaking prophecies that never happen, or lead people into dangerous situations like Jim Jones cult, Heavens gate, and others who had mass suicides based on the delusional teachings of the leaders.
I am however not talking about that. I’m talking about personal individual faith held by billions of people that helps them lead a good life and gives them peace of mind.

Again we need to separate the real from the false…anything can be twisted into grandiosity, anything can become dangerous if it is exaggerated, twisted or used as a tool to control others…hey, companies make billions $ on making junk food that has no nutritional value to speak of and can lead to obesity and other health problems…Corn in its pure organic form is good, but most of it is GMO, gets processed, boiled in unhealthy oils, so that it is unhealthy for us…the same happens with religions…doesn’t mean the original pure form is bad at all…