An idea for some of us who need it

I was thinking earlier… it’d be nice to see what the sound levels are like outside of my head… bare with me as I try to describe this…

People walk by my door and seem to talk ■■■■… some times it sounds like my upstairs neighbor is actually saying things about me and my thoughts… like verge on real auditory hallucinations not just head noise…

Been happening for a while and it’s really trouble some. At first I thought if I could just record everything and then review it later I could see what’s real and whats not and maybe find a pattern to my hallucinations. But that sounds excessive complicated and paranoid… so kept thinking

The original concept is just a sound meter… when things are loud it indicates a higher level… I was thinking a simple line of leds… maybe 10 in count… 0 being quietest and 10 being in a crowd or having a plane fly overhead… this might give it enough range where average speech would cause a noticeable change… even distant speech… it might need more lights for that to work…

also there would need to be a delay… so after a schizophrenic auditory occurrence takes place the user would have time to glance down and see the if the device indicated it was indeed real audio… this could bring consistent peace of mind to a lot of us who struggle with wondering what we’re actually hearing.

it became pretty obvious that a wristwatch would be the best carrier for the device… just thinking now it could be something that just fits around the band in a more universal and generic form…

it’d need a small mic, processor, and light array and a battery… probably rechargeable… all those things might require it be a full blown watch… which would also be cool… like a semi-smart watch…

what do you all think? anyone have any clue how to make such a thing a reality?


Patent it before it’s too late!

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It’s been published. It’s too late to patent it!

You could search for a phone app that does it.

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Maybe create an app for that.

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Well that’s cool… I’ll have to look for one… I don’t want a phone app… I want it to be casual and not require effort… like it just lines the inner side of my watch and casually lights up and down… with music around I bet it’d be pretty sweet too…

and GD why don’t they put working continuous thermometers on these things…

that could be a good project once I get a droid

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I might also just make it a project to put one together myself… it’ll take more work but I can deck it out and it’d probably be cheaper… that’s a really simple program to write… but I need a chip that I can flash and all that… super nerdy but super cool… have a fat classic legged chip sticking up out the side of watch… thermometer on the other side

I need to do more research on this… but I always get mentally worn out at about this time and I have other projects floating around… this would take a lot of time and learning…

and now I can’t stop thinking about it… ■■■■ time zones and locations and all that…
1 button for lighting up the screen
1 for setting an alarm
1 for setting a timer
a D-pad for interface
light array built into the display… perhaps with additional arrays on the inner face… making the lights dim… variable voltage leds with capacitors…that’d keep the base program simple as it can just send the same charge to the capacitors and they’d discharge slowly… wouldn’t need to code that part… these are going to be small components…

Do you have a smart phone? Apple maybe?

yeah… I’m not liking the phone idea… it’d be a designated app that takes the full screen and I’d have to keep it open… you never know when these kind of hallucinations might occur…

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add a counter button and then a view button to see the count of total hallucinations… can be reset by pressing both or something like that

that’s 5 buttons and a dpad… they should be cleared labeled… time to draw up a prototype…

I’m not looking to sell or make money off this… but I’ll probably document the process for anyone who wants to make one…

Well, there’s an app for the Apple watch.

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cool… I dont want one of those though :smile:

still lacks a real time thermometer for ambient environment and not the watch-body’s temp itself…

I don’t care a bout water proof… but plasticizing the circuitry would provide a lot of protection for casual use.

and also you gotta recharge the apple watch like every night

Tonnes of free apps.



Sorry you’re going through this right now. It’s fairly unlikely your neighbours are talking about your thoughts though.

I’d calm down about it. (creating the noise meter).

It’s possible that you can overhear your neighbours, but it sounds like paranoia and/or delusions of reference.

Sosy just stop. People are not talking about you.


hah whatever mate… this is the only way I could trust it for sure… and it’d still probably take years to break the delusions… you saying that… I’ve heard it before…

(didn’t work)

might even use a classic small mercury thermometer… insulated from body heat transferred into the body of the watch… celsius scale on one side Fahrenheit on the other

I’m telling you right now it’s your imagination. I use to hear my whole apt building talking to me.

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