An idea for some of us who need it

Look maybe you can hear your neighbours, but ask yourself how can they be talking about your thoughts.

They’re right, no one can hear your thoughts. Maybe the best way to deal with this is not with a watch but really understanding that.

Sammy, don’t you hear voices over what people are actually saying? Like, your mom coming in to wake you up but you hear her saying she hates you instead?

B, I don’t think this will necessarily help you. If your neighbors are talking about whose turn it is to pick up the kids but you’re hearing them talk ■■■■ about you, your sensor isn’t going to tell the difference.

Telling you… you can’t talk someone out of delusions… they have to see it… its more about am I actually hearing something not WHAT I’m hearing… that will always be indescernable in most cases

for left wrist wearers… they could reverse it for the other wrist… but this is what I’m thinking now

won’t need the set indicator… highlighted components in set mode will just flash instead…

ah need a backlight button… perhaps a power indicator if it needs recharging

cmos for time storage
clock cycle of chip for accurate timekeeping…

system variables…

8 input triggers + duration count + 1 delayed toggle for timer to detect double click
light toggle array…
hour, minute, second, hundredth of second (clock adder program)
day/month (calender program for standard year… fuck leap years…manual resetting… unless I figure out a simple way)
Alarm hour/minute
Clicker count…
various interface triggers (alarm indicator, flashing state triggers)…

Now I’m going to wait and think on the algorithm for a while

perhaps solar powered like those good old calculator… backlight gets disabled when the battery or capacitor reads to low…

still its I suspect that I have real auditory hallucinations… this would be a constant deterrent from delusions in such cases… again more a test of if something was said at all… not WHAT was said… even if it proven that something is said it’d be the same situation I’m already again where I will do my best to heed yalls advice.

besides this sounds like a fun learning experience… I haven’t worked with electronics very much but I have dealt with simple digital systems and flashing basic microchips…

Forget about being doc brown from back the future.

Then explain to your psychiatrist what you’re doing. Be honest with them.

You seem to have lack of insight at the moment.

aight… wait… no I’m hooked on the idea… it’ll dance to my music

all I’ve got is time

and I don’t have a psych

and I’ve wanted a functional thermometer watch for a long time… well like 6 months… relatively long time

just wait until I install the flux capacitor and time travel by jumping off things that high enough for me to hit 80 mph

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You’re very intelligent. This is impressive.

I’ve thought of recording conversations with my phone and then listening to them to see if I am hallucinating so much or if some of it is real. I just figure that’s insane.


Yea ruhby I hear thats stuff all the time. I know it’s not real though… I would never set up a recording system for it.

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neither would I to invasive and probably illegal in some situations… especially if the recording were ever used in media of any kind

thanks mouse… these neigh sayers are killing my buzz… or they seem to wish to

I am going to go lay down and meditate for a bit… with that said.

I’m with you on this. Just thought B should consider the fact that a sensor picking up noise really wouldn’t be a confirmation of anything. This plan could backfire easily.

Erf. You’re not on meds as I recall. Thinking you might be taking the long way around to solving the problem?



Its when it isn’t triggered is what I’m looking for…

@velociraptor i might look into getting abilifried at some point if it turns out i really am just hearing things…

You all not see the fun in building one of these? Whats up with that? Just as a distraction from the illness itself… A bit of design and engineering… You think that’s not a good thing?

Ive already crossed the patent level of designing this product… Now its a full blown design project. Who wouldn’t want a custom watch…

When i have tunes on and i’m i can just watch it respond and feel the gratification of constructing it…

I mean its a small modest project… The kind of ■■■■ I’ve been looking to do for a while.

Why yall against it?

Afraid i might find something you’d all rather look away from?

This is just me being polemic… I dont give a ■■■■ about your opinions on this…

Full speed ahead… Or well casual speed… A lot of components to research, i’ll take my time making sure to isolate the best stuff.

I thought people were talking about me out in the hall when I was at school. It was more a question of sound patterns than decibles. I checked it out a couple of times and it wasn’t true.

The watch is totally functional in always otherwise… That counter could be used for anything… Cars passing… Sheep jumping over a fence… Cows jumping over the moon etc…