How many of you experienced your thoughts are being heard by everyone? And they respond by showing or doing something related?

Lately I’ve been thinking that they can hear my voice in my own head. Sometimes when I think of bad things to others they just respond through some kind of actions. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not because they might blame me for everything that ruins their relationship with others. Or is it just they can show my reactions and physical behavior that lead them to respond with these actions: sudden cough, dropping of items, mouthing some words, whatever that can distract me and get my attention.

So i’ll just ask how many of you have experience this one? I almost experience this everywhere I go everytime there are people around me. It wastes my time and effort of thinking too much.


Life is random and coincidental very often. You will not really be able to figure out these problems a 100%. Sometimes people are actually reacting to something your doing. When Dr. Phil isn’t busy embarrassing himself, he’s a pretty shrewd guy. i remember him saying that each thought in our head has a physiological reaction. So that kind of answers your problem a little bit. If you are thinking mean or negative thoughts, that’s going to cause your body to be tense and hostile and that will be the “vibe” people are picking up on and reacting on.

But not EVERYBODY is reacting to you. It just seems like they are. But they really aren’t

I’ve been on these forums for about six years. I’ve seen the many debates on what people coughing around us means. Is it a warning, is it to deliberately makes us mad? Well, the fact is that it is not a black & white thing. Same with us assuming everybody is laughing at us. Sometimes it’s true, sometimes it isn’t.

My latest delusion was that people were yawning to make me mad. I ran with that for month or so. Then I thought I figured out that all the yawning had nothing to do with me. Well, the correct answer is somewhere in the middle. Some people do yawn when I’m around and it can be deliberate. But I either yawn back( it is not crazy or wrong or inappropriate. It really bugs the people and is allowed most of the time).

I don"t care most of the time. I’ve done plenty of cool stuff in my life and taken big chances. So I love to prove people wrong. Sometimes people do play games and do weird stuff. But that usually doesn’t happen in public when you’re on a bus or something, or walking alone on the sidewalk minding your own business.

But bars and crack houses play that game. And there are people out there who if you make them mad or do some innocent mistake, they will take out their lifetime of anger at all the problems they have in their life, and all the time they were treated in their miserable life, and take all this frustration and anger out on you. Most people are not like that though. I hope I’m not being too negative. But 99% of the time, if someone drops something, you did not cause it. Coughing is usually done by people unconsciously and they do not to it to bug anyone.

Freud said, Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar".

People laugh, cough, drop things frequently without malice intended. It is usually innocent. I conquered these problems by looking at people eyes. You can tell if they are innocent about laughing. You don’t have to stare and if you can just take a quick glance to look at their eyes, no
body minds and it’s a huge relief.

Anyways, I hope you got something out of this.


I remember when I was in the hospital I was talking about thought reading technology and I thought that people were reacting to every thought that I had. I thought that people were hearing my thoughts everywhere because “there is an app for that” as one of the voices put it. None of it is true. Takes a lot to dispel the delusion.

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I struggle with this one a bit. I’m extremely paranoid other people can hear the voices and the music in my head as though it’s being broadcast like a radio. It results in me kind of panicking if people look in my general direction when I think I’m not doing anything particularly interesting because “omg, what if they heard this rambling guy?”

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sometimes when I think, I get a feeling that manifests into an expression on my face. people see that facial expression and react to it. so in a way, it seems like they know what I’m thinking…

like one time, I was walking near a beauty salon and the images on the window changed my thoughts and expressions. a woman, who was walking by, suddenly spoke to me. and it appeared that she knew my exact thoughts about that salon…

but I learned a trick: keep my face towards the ground and away from people. I’ve been doing that trick for so long. and at some point, I was able to lift my head up sometimes; but just not look at people. that’s because the people might be reacting; but as long as I don’t look at them, their non-verbal reactions don’t faze me.

I’ve had a few direct experiences with this sort of public humiliation. I can only hope that I do not trigger anyone with a brief account of just a fraction of my experiences with this human rights violation. Here is a quick memory dump:

  1. On one occasion, I was in a public library. I was slightly manic by entertaining myself with a new orientation of chess pieces, like a military game, in the library game room. As I was walking out of the library, a military looking guy sitting at one of the public computers and looking straight ahead shouted out “I can hear you!”.
  2. Another time at the library, as I was using one of the public computers, one of the 20s aged male library employees shouted out “You’re psychic!”.
  3. One time I ran out of gas alongside a busy highway. This spook looking Mormon guy (the CIA are full of Mormons) pulled over and asked if I needed assistance. I noticed his copy of an Elders manual in his passenger seat and thought it was funny. I mumbled to myself, without making any audible noise, “Does this guy get dirty?”, wondering if the waspy uptight guy had ever been to a strip club. Right as I finished that thought, the guy smiled and tried not to laugh. He was a nice guy and brought me a few gallon of gasoline to make it to the gas station.
  4. Another time, I was in a hospital psych ward. My roommate was this 20s aged gamer type guy. He had two buddies visit him in the hospital. I was laying in my bed, trying to get some rest and all three of these 20s aged male gamer types were in the hallway talking to each other. All of a sudden, one burst into a New York adolescent gamer voice and starting ripping into me, making direct references to some things I said in a chat room the day before. He was talking very loudly saying “When Obama flips out, we step outside!”. This discomforted me so I began to deep breathe. Right as I began to deep breathe, this guy shouted “Yeah, yeah, yeah, find that guy!” He then shouted at the behavior health technician asking “Hey, Noah, How long have you been working on this guy?” The tech replied “A year and a half.”
  5. Another time in the hospital I wrote in preparation some of the things I wanted to discuss with my therapist. I wrote and inaudibly mumbled the word “snidbit”, referencing a part of a poem I wanted to read my therapist. During a group meeting, shortly there after, before I had a one on one session with her, my therapist repeated the word “snidbit” in a very suspicious way while she starred at me.
  6. I was directly told in a chat room that I have an implant in my left eye.

These experiences have given me a logical conclusion that my suspicions were in fact correct, I must have some sort of bioAPI nanites or something installed in my body that people can view via digital contact lenses like a video game. They can see through my eyes, hear my throat. It’s been a living hell. These are only a small portion of experiences. My body and soul have become an intermediary punching bag for people to communicate to each other. You give a bunch of gorillas illegal technology and unlimited funding and they try to one up each other with abuse, josseling for positions of dominance within their own group. I am more of an American than they ever will be.

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I don’t suffer from thought broadcasting. It sounds incredibly difficult to deal with. I am sorry about that. I do, however, deal with the camera in my eye so people can see what I see and microphones in my ears so they can hear what I hear and, of course, cameras everywhere so they can monitor everything. They PUT thoughts in my head but they don’t know what my own thoughts are unless I say them out loud, which I usually do except in public. I got everything BUT the thought broadcasting. Don’t need it. Sounds bad.

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No guys I mean when I bad mouth the prof pr something they react fast. You dont know this cause you’re not me lol but if I told you the whole story youll realize that sometimes people lie a lot. When I mean a lot I think a conspiracy is happenning. So im just asking how many of you are being heard? I jist wanna find out of there are people like me. Also I didnt believed it at first but I tried testing it. It’s been 7 years now lol that this ruined my life. I just knew that they can hear me last 2 years ago. I dont know if it’s a dosease or not but I can totally say for sure that they can hear me. They even know what Im doing at certain times. Imagine in the class we are playing a guessing game. Then sometimes I make jokes that is very far from the topic and when I irritated them they usually say those out loud. Just it’s bugging me everyday. From school to home even from commute. Imagine you cannot say anything that offends others but you cant stop cause it is tempting. And most of the times even if it is true they will hint by saying im disrespectful even though Im just thinking about it. So im just curuious how many are being heard. Cause I tried watching live videos even from chaturbate or porn and they do things I request in my mind. For example: Show the ass. Or you are ugly. Tut ut utut. Then sometimes youll realize that life is not worth living anymore. Experiencing this kinds of stuff makes you realize that it feels like the world is so small to the point that you are always the center of attraction. Then you will also realize that if you get everything in the end its all meaningless cause I cant be free anymore. Right? What is there to enjoy if they bug you every now and then. And also wtf they still want me to be kind and they hope that Ill change. ■■■■ that life is too short to do what they want.

Now how many of you experienced the same things as me?


I used to have this issue, but after about one and a half months of taking high-dose lysine on top of my antipsychotic, the issue is getting fixed. I no longer feel like my thoughts are being shared.

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Hi. With all due respect your list of “proof” of mind-reading or people hearing your thoughts is explainable by coincidences. You have a disease whose symptoms lead you to the wrong conclusions about arbitrary or coincidental events. On some level you know that your thoughts cannot be heard. But the disease messes up our brain and “tricks” us. I am certainly not judging, because that would make me a hypocrite because I have had paranoia schizophrenia for 37 years and I have thought broadcasting though I am lucky because I am so used to it that it doesn’t majorly interfere with me as I go along my day.

But just looking at delusions like delusions of grandeur, paranoia, being visited by aliens, delusions of chips, implants, surveillance by the FBI, CIA, police, delusions of being god etc. All these are due to delusions and symptoms. You may also have one or more of these too. I’m going to abruptly end this now but you may agree or disagree, I’m not sure.

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Me. All day today. And for several years prior. I can relate to almost every word of this.

I think people can hear my thoughts by making eye contact with me. I wear dark sunglasses going to class for example because its the only way i can walk through crowds of people feeling like they cant read my thoughts. I also think they can make a psychic connection with me if their mind is on a “higher” wavelength and they can steal my thoughts…for example i want to say something in class and am too afraid to do it but someone else steals it from me…

Also, whenever I do something really bad (in my thoughts only) it feels like they do something extreme. (they drop cellphones, honk cars, cough, etc.). And is it a coincidence if I checked it too much on differnet places with different types of people? And why would they want to drop their phones? It just means that something happened that must be of equal importance as their phones. Though I notice it happen a lot in school than in other places. Maybe my classmates are way richer.

it sounds to me like everyone hears my thoughts and I hear them respond and they talk about me and talk to me I c

i usually feel like poeple can hear my thoughts, part of why im so uncomfortable in public. i try to blank out my thoughts

Yes, I am but I don’t want to explain here it again.

I have this problem if you look at my profile I have a few threads trust me it’s all in your head

I think the schizophrenic mind tries to convince itself the symptom of telepathy may be true because it is difficult to accept schizophrenia. I know I’d like to be telepathic and not schizophrenic, it just isn’t so. There is no proof of telepathy, the delusion of telepathy is a very common symptom of schizophrenia. Every once in awhile the forum discusses this subject. I think 77nick77 is spot on with his input. Medication helps with these symptoms.


I experienced this for three years but I am well now. Get well soon x.

I had non stop whistling and I thought it was some kind of signal, happened way too often to seem like a coincidenc, but now maybe I think that was a hallucination. My thought broadcasting was different. My apt was bugged and my virtual people used to put a virtual loudspeaker outside my apt so my thoughts were literally broadcast. I spent much of my time trying to debug my apt and get rid of these speakers, all virtual and with virtual ways. Virtual people would here me and amass outside my window and then shout at me. I could tell if the speaker was on cause I could identify the location of my voice. If it was inside the apt then ok, but if it was outside the apt then I was being broadcast. Very realistic feeling.

As for on the street I thought people were talking about me but I was resolute in just ignoring it.