Amyloban 3399 part 2

Hey @naturallycured do you by chance know the concentration levels of amyloban present in the actual mushroom itself? It is being sold at my local market and I want to buy some, but not mess up my med schedule.

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Amyloban 3399 contains 6% Amycenone, the active ingredient, but I don’t know how much a regular Lion’s Mane fruiting body contains. The Amyloban 3399 goes through a patented refinement process to get that percentage, so I imagine a non-refined Lion’s Mane wouldn’t have as much.

I recall some people trying out standard Lion’s Mane and not experiencing much antipsychotic benefit, but there was some anxiolytic effect.

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Took Lion’s Mane for 3 weeks, it didn’t help negative symptoms. Idk about positive symptoms bcz I have none on meds. I thought about reducing antipsychotic dose but I don’t want to rely on something that’s not always in stock, its a rollercoaster of positive symptoms, risky.

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Anyways, I have no positive or negative symptoms on Abilify, Rexulti or Vraylar.

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That’s great. Good luck with your regimen.

No, by end of this year. I had no positive or negative symptoms on 20mg Abilify. For me partial dopamine agonists don’t cause negative symptoms at all. I am lucky. Next week I will be on 1mg Rexulti and 3mg Risperdal. Maybe 2mg Rexulti and 2mg Risperdal next. Negatives will get better but not as better as on Vraylar only.

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Why can’t they get you on Vraylar asap?

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It will come out by end of this year in Canada.


"So, you eat it raw or cooked. You could even dry it and add it to your coffee or tea.

But there’s a drawback with these methods — you can’t regulate the dosage or determine how much nutrient you’re actually getting."

As I understand it, that is one of the advantages of modern medicine over rudimentary herbalism: Exact dosage regulation. There were probably ancient methods of regulating herbal doses, but I don’t know them. Many things go into dose concentration in a particular batch, such a cultivation methods.

I will retry it with Vraylar, minimum Vraylar dose possible. I think it will reduce Vraylar’s dose.

I think it does improve positive symptoms because I was having visual hallucinations after stopping it after using it for 3 weeks.

@DearZombie Were you able to reduce your Abilify dose by using Lion’s Mane?

@MrSquirrel, well I can’t tag him hidden profile.
By how much did he reduce his antipsychotic using Amyloban? He told me but idk how to find his post.


Thanks a ton! I noted it in my google drive for when I switch to Vraylar.

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You are welcome. I happened to remember the word Geodone, so I did a search for Amyloban Geodone.

Please listen to your doctor’s recommendation on dosage, of course.

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I will restart taking Lion’s Mane after starting on a low dose Zyprexa this 15 Sept.

Its so expensive how many capsules do you take? I found the mushroom wisdom one

1 bottle of Amyloban lasts a month.

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I get the Lion’s Mane one its cheaper, I will ask my pdr to reduce my Zyprexa and if I get symptoms I will take Lion’s Mane. I hope it works because I have less negative symptoms on lower ap doses.

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It’s not going to work for psychosis much if you get something other than Amyloban. But hopefully you get some kind of benefit.