What supplements do you recommend?

Name of supplement

What it’s done for you

What it’s supposed to do

Thanks and cheers mates!

Niacin and vitamin c: reduce positives 40-50% (need gram doses though)

Amyloban 3399: same, maybe 30-40%

New thread at: Amyloban 3399 part 2

Wen Dan Pian (Wendan Decoction): Just started, according to a study it is just as good as an AP. Not expensive either. May be a little sedating.

I also use a homemade PEMF machine and Ellis water. PEMF has been great overall, big factor in my headache reduction, and the Ellis water is a nice addition too. I am obsessed with it, but need more info.

Wen Dan Pian sounds interesting… are you going to try and taper off meds?

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I am on very low meds now. Like 2 mg Haldol.

Am trying to feel 95-100% well so I can taper even lower.

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I take kelp but me is a vegan.

You just stole my heart. I love vegans and kelp!

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Hehe, I’m an attempting vegan, been on n off all year, but keep trying again, I’m on day one of veganism…again.

Which supplements are you taking @GEDchill?

Found Wendan Decoction for roughly $25 usd per month shipped, much cheaper than Amyloban

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