Amyloban 3399 (Lion's Mane) discussion


How long have you been hearing voices before ?


Me, since 2014. 1515


Is this lion’s mane product any good?


It’s by the same company that makes Amyloban 3399, but I don’t know of anyone who has treated their schizophrenia with it. If you feel like taking the risk, please try it out and report back!


Feeling much better after 4 days of lions mane mushroom. More positive outlook.


Cool, have your positive / negative symptoms changed any (if you had them?)


I’m starting to enjoy my job more. Usually I dread going to work but I have been enjoying it a lot more. It could be down to lions mane.


I sometimes fear that employees of supplement industries play the role of schizophrenic patients here just to promote and sell their supplement.


I am not an employee, but if my head didn’t hurt so much, and the market was big enough, I would make a living helping schizophrenics get better with this.

Right now it’s only a desire to help that motivates us to post. There’s no money in it. No affiliate links (unless the admin wants them, in which case commission would go to the forum.)


I’m doing a lot better overall and feeling a lot better outside of work, but I am still really disliking my job right now. Lion’s Mane cannot repair bad decisions and workplace politics, unfortunately.


My psychotic symptoms have been pretty persistent since 1993. Have gone for short periods without positive symptoms, but they don’t last. This one may not (probably won’t) last, either. (Fingers crossed.)


I went down to 200 mg modafinil from 400 today and had enough energy. Go amyloban


Mine should be here today or tomorrow. I keep getting excited reading this. I want so very much for it to help my husband. Real Mushrooms was reasonable for 120 caps. I forget the mg. How much are out all taking a day? @MrSquirrel you have had injury repair so I am interested in the number of caps you take per day mg level.


Day 2 for me. So far reduction in anxiety headaches. Im on top of the situation in conversation more . Less just sitting there quiet. Its also helping with my digestion and im less bloated today. Cant wait to see what happens at 1, 2, 3, and 4 weeks mark.


@ablue which ones are you taking? Amyloban 3399 or another brand?


Its a brand called purica. Found it locally. Its from the fruiting body. @AccreditedPsych

Its made in bc


Mine came! 1000 mg and it calls for 2 a day.


Mushroom Wisdom Amyloban 3399. 2 tabs 3x per day. No idea how many mg per day.


Amyloban 3399 is 325 mg per capsule, for 1950 mg per day.


You see? That’s what I keep you around for – much easier than walking over to look at the bottle. Besides, the cat is sleeping on my shoulders.