Amyloban 3399 (Lion's Mane) discussion


My thoughts exactly. That’s why I take amyloban, I’ve seen the studies done on it and it’s standardized. No guess work. It’s just damn expensive


I think I saw @naturallycured say that in order to have the antipsychotic properties it would have to be extracted from the fruiting bodies


Ok. I’ve ordered Amyloban 3399 from . If it works then I’ll try generic Lion’s Mane.

I’m on metformin so as it lowers blood sugar I’ll have to consult my doctor if I intend to continue with it.

I don’t really have any positive symptoms but I’m pretty incapacitated by negatives so we’ll see if it makes any difference to that.

It’s very expensive though. So a little part of me is hoping it doesn’t work out.


Looking forward to knowing what your experience is @everhopeful.
One question though. If amyloban 3399 lowers blood sugar as well would it not be helping the metformin? Or is it that the danger is the blood sugar getting too low?


Yes I think the danger is that it could go too low.


In terms of negatives I’m probably more stimulated now that I have been in 2 years. It’s almost too much, I’m feeling a little wired


Very excited! Just placed an order for Lion’s Mane extract powder from Real Mushrooms. I cannot wait to see how it helps my husband. Thank you guys for putting up the information for peripheral neuropathy and the extract. It is nice to have a bit of hope based on the testimonials from you all.


Well my amyloban has shipped. Should be here next week sometime. Hopefully.


Are you on just amyloban 3399? I feel I need to be feeling more wired.


Ok im excited just picked up a lions mane supp from a local healthfood store. Its from the fruiting mushroom and each cap is 400mg 120 caps. Gonna take 4 caps a day. 2 in morning and 2 at night. Thats roughly 2 grams a day. Will update on how it works. Wish me luck.


I’m on amyloban 3399 and
Sometimes serequel for sleep


My doctor told me I can’t take seroquel anymore with invega


7 week update (Started with 4 weeks Amyloban and now 3 weeks Real Mushrooms’ Lions Mane)

So quiet. I only hear someone rarely in my half-conscious state, and it’s very quiet, and only like one sentence or word, right when I wake up from deep sleep.

I only hear a little bit of something if I concentrate very hard, like if I want to delve into the crazy narrative for some reason. The rest of the time if I stop caring and be distracted by anything, I don’t hear them at all.

Also still have minor thought broadcasting that happens only if I don’t try to make it happen. and only when my thoughts get too “noisy”. Blah.

Even if I plateau here, I feel that this is leagues better and more functional than where I was.


I took invega and serequel for years


I have now have Behaviorial proof that amyloban or Prozac or together are significantly speeding me up. My negative symptoms seem to have disappeared. And please note they were severe before.


Can I refer some people to your testimonial? Like @far_cry0 who has bad negatives. I’ll just tag him here to see this.


Yeah. I’m hoping it will make some kind of dent in my negatives. I’m basically incapacitated because of them.

Remember it lowers your blood sugar so get blood tests if you intend to continue with it.

What do you mean by “Behaviorial proof” by the way?


I shouldn’t say this but normally I drink 3 beers a day. When I get sped up I get an urge for more so I’ve been drinking 5. I know 5 is bad and I’m rationed beer so I can’t go on a binge. But this is a clear behavioral change I can link to being more sped up

That and going from not being able to get out of bed to feeling fine and able to do what I want


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I’m hoping the admin of this site can get an affiliate program going so they can make money off of this, but I guess it’s not quite as well studied and trusted as something like sarcosine.

This is becoming a real problem