Amyloban 3399 (Lion's Mane) discussion


Amyloban 3399 isn’t the same thing as lions mane. It’s an extract of lions mane. @ZombieMombie


I guess there’s a lot of uncertainty of the Amycenone content of brands besides Amyloban 3399. Amycenone comes from the fruiting body of the Lion’s Mane plant, but only Amyloban 3399 guarantees a significant amount of that useful compound.

"Amyloban 3399 is a product made of Amycenone from the fruit body of lion’s mane (Hericium erinaceum), which is standardized to contain hericenones (0.5%) and amyloban (6%). Lion’s mane is an edible mushroom that has long been used in cooking and medicine in China and Japan for centuries. Amycenone has been patented in Japan (Patent 5208036), presumably having beneficial neurological effects and capable of activating brain function. "

If you want guaranteed results, I guess you have to opt for the Amyloban 3399.


Arent you still getting results from normal mushroom powder.


I’m getting results with Real Mushrooms’ Lion’s Mane, which is a fruiting body extract, but I don’t believe they’re legally allowed to claim it contains Amycenone, since that compound is patented.

I sent them a message about the Amycenone content of that supplement, but I suspect they don’t have data on it since they probably didn’t test for it.


I dunno i think your really getting caught up in the particulars. Im going to assume that whatever they extract from the mushroom in amyloban is present at a smaller percentage in the other brands. Yes im sure real mushrooms is great but the brand i found is working fine. The proof is in the results. The only one that doesnt look legit is the host defense one which i posted. As it is not from the fruiting body. I wouldnt be worried about branding. Its all just powdered mushrooms. Theres no way your mushroom is better then my mushroom.


My mushrooms challenge your mushrooms to a duel. With pistols!

Edit: Forgot to add that bloodwork came back mostly okay this week except for cholesterol. (cough) Doc is on my ass even more about my diet now. Nothing else showed up as freaky or awful.



Haha lol dueling mushrooms. But its good that the bloods is showing up normal.

Forgot if i hit reply or arrow thingy so @MrSquirrel


I had a slight increase of symptoms with my Paliperidone antipsychotic halving, and I couldn’t stand it, so I went back to 12 mg. I was so used to dead silence that even hearing anything made me nutty.


My voices are now totally quiet for a couple days going. Energy levels only require half my old modafinil dose. Prob related to playing my computer game too hard but I feel a little burned out


Hmmm. If Lion’s Mane truly increases neuroplasticity, I wonder if that would mean forming new habits would happen faster, and computer games are quite well designed to form addictive habits…

Not recommending. Just thinking out loud a bit.


I’ve been playing games for years. This latest one is a base building game which was pretty intense because they wiped the servers a day ago. Constant action


So I took some and I don’t know if it had anything to do with how I was today. I took 2000 mg last night. Today my anxiety level was nil and I’ve been very anxious for weeks. Panic attacks and all. Also, I had NO separation anxiety while shopping. Usually…this is for years…I freak out if my husband isn’t in sight. Today I walked off and browser clothing alone! I also bought some clothing which I never do because of my thoughts of doing things for myself will cause bad things to happen.

You might say…oh, placebo. However, I didn’t remember about the lion’s name until I got home and saw the bottle.

Now, yesterday my husband walked all day with lowered nerve pain\shocks. It could be coincidence but he has had 6000 mg so far.

Thank you so much for bringing the lion’s name to my attention!


I’m astonished at my own pain reduction. I can’t wait until the pacemaker issue is fixed so I can really get back to hitting the weights. Want to add at least an inch to my biceps and start rebuilding my pecs by the end of the year. I’m able to again!


We stopped going to the gym w h an my husband dropped free weights from numb hands. H e had gotten back a lot of muscle then lost it. I hope he can start lifting again. He was hawt. Me-row.


Are you still taking amyloban with 12mg of paliperidone?


I am, yes. I tried a med reduction but still heard very quiet mumbles. I wanted to hear nothing, so I had the med increased again.

Maybe in another few months I’ll try again, to see if the Lion’s Mane has plateaued in benefits.


I’m going for the invega 12mg per day injection so I wonder if there’s any difference to it


Injection is generally more potent than the pills.


Ok. My Amyloban 3399 arrived today and I took the first 2 pills. I wonder what things will be like a few weeks from now :thinking:


I had a difference quickly. Hope you do!