Amyloban 3399 or Lion's Mane?

Hey guys it’s been a minute!

I had a couple questions…
Anyone who has experience with this mushroom know the difference between the regular and that Amyloban 3399?

Amyloban 3399 is very costly compared to the regular Lion’s Mane, costing $100 per bottle every month

Opinions? I read several really good reviews.

Lastly, I’m on Clozaril, can this supplement be combined with it?
Any opinions and advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you


I think @shutterbug is an expert

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I don’t really notice any effect from the cheap stuff. Amyloban 3399 itself has worked powerfully for me. It helped with positive symptoms by boosting my APs effectiveness (Geodon). It also reduced pain from injured nerves for me, which has become the biggest reason I keep taking it.

My pdoc finds it (Amylobann) works for less than half of people with SZ for positive or negative symptoms. A small group gets highly increased anxiety. The bulk of people taking it do experience lowered anxiety. Those with nerve injuries find it provides relief.

@Ninjastar and @anon4362788 both use lion’s mane and can comment on the effectivness of the expensive and bargain products.


I only use Lion’s Mane from the RealMushrooms company. It’s $30 per bottle/month.

This particular brand is made from the mushroom, not the mycelium which is important. The substances that cause the healing effects are not present in hugh enough quantities in the mycelium to have any effect.

Many, maybe even most, companies use the mycelium because it is cheaper and faster to use than waiting for the mushrooms to fruit. And the can legally still call it Lion’s Mane.


I tried it but it made me stupid. Someone recommended it on here years ago. I honestly don’t like the stuff.

Best of luck because everyone reacts differently.

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I tried it and it made me feel weird and depressed. I’m on Abilify, so maybe it didn’t mix with that too well.

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Hey thank you for the reply!
So in your example, that stuff really helps? Are you also on an AP?
Lastly have you tried Amyloban 3399 also?
Just curious, thx

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Thank you for this info. How does lion’s mane affect you? I have heard it’s good for mood, but it would be neat to hear your own experience :slightly_smiling_face: I’m interested in getting some for myself.

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I find a fair amount of lions mane where I hunt mushrooms. I cook with it and I feel it has a positive effect on memory and anxiety. I have never taken it as a supplement. Is it any different consuming it fresh to taking the supplements?

No, I am not on APs.

No, I have not used amlyoban.

Lion’s mane severe anxiety
It also helps with pain. I don’t know if it affected my mood becaise I take ADs


@keylow …Buy Amyloban 3399 From Amazon…Its Cheaper 65$ …

Don’t think that’s available in Canada
Best deal I see is a bottle for $94 CAD

Another listing of 3 bottles for $260 CAD

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Very possible…
But maybe also very rare

He seems ok though. He’s got over 63k subscribers to his channel already. He can’t be that bad, mentally speaking

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This guy looks like he had brain damage before he went near it.

You post a lot of crap. I ran lion’s mane past my doc including giving her links to studies and she okayed my using it.

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How it ruined all his relationships etc
Blah, and his channel name is Lions Mane Side Effects lol

Perfect keywords to rank, I’m pretty savvy about that stuff

Some hospitals here are actually giving Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) here to help with severe depression…
Lions Mane is NOT a psychedelic

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Don’t you post pseudoscience about onions and garlic, too? Things based on religopus diets?

Yeah, no. Lion’s Mane has not been avoided for centuries. It’s a well known and loved delicacy used for centuries.

Please stop using YouTube as some sort of educational resource.

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The site needs a list of posters that should be ignored.


I’m going to start deleting all pseudoscience that I see instead of trying to debate it. Woo is contagious.

Can I request that we keep the INVEGA SHRANK MY PEEN posts? I know they’re rubbish, but by damn are they ever entertaining.


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Those will never be deleted. Enshrined in lore, maybe.