Amyloban 3399 (Lion's Mane) discussion


My energy and motivation levels continue To increase. Yesterday I went out to the barber, the pharmacy, the vape store, and the supplement store without any problems. I don’t know if I’m “normal” yet but amyloban seems to be the largest single factor in removing my negative symptoms.


Good to know something works for negatives!

I had such a restful sleep without having to deal with hallucinations, as they were almost completely shut off (just heard one word very quietly, “Trouble”, when I woke up with arthritis pain.) Normally they’d wake me up all the time by calling my name or playing the noise of something startling like a telephone or doorbell. Literal torture. I even heard one voice say “let’s torture him” a few nights ago.

It’s weird waking up without something alarming me to.


How long did it take for you for paliperidone get effective with thought broadcasting? I just got my pills


Paliperidone didn’t feel very effective for thought broadcasting.


I ordered some lion’s mane today, will report back in due course.


Does anyone think about how long this supplement has been around (10 years about) and how expensive it is. Latst prices are 75$ in USA and 75 eur in Europe. I think this is a sign that it works.

What do you think? I mean they must be making a killing on this stuff


It definitely works. The manufacturer could jack up the price even more if he knew it was a valid treatment for schizophrenia. $75-100 is already too much!

The Lion’s Mane works just fine, for less than half the price.


I don’t think they deliver to Europe

#92 deliver to Europe and they stock it.

#93 ships to Europe, it’s in their FAQ.’s Amyloban is probably alright, but their generic Lion’s Mane I can’t vouch for.


Just fyi, The lion’s mane on sale at iherb is “mushroom wisdom”. These is from the same people making amyloban 3399.


Oh, okay, it would be interesting to hear experiences of people taking it then.


I think not only is it from the same people making amyloban 3399, it IS amyloban 3399.
Atleast thats what popped up for me on iherb (mushroom wisdom’s amyloban 3399) (please correct me if I’m wrong)


They prob sell amyloban and also just the mushroom powder


Two different products by “mushroom wisdom”

The lion’s mane is so much cheaper than amyloban though. So it would be great if it works the same.


I think I might try dropping the guy an email. He is a world leader on fungi and his store sells lions mane. On a podcast he was saying how good it is.

I will ask if the generic lions mane tablets are legit or if it has to the amyloban


This is the fungi guy. Might drop him a tweet


I saw him too. At the joe rogan podcast


From what I read about Paul , his stuff had a lot of reviews, is less expensive that amyloban but more expensive than basic shrooms. Only thing is that he uses the mycelium and the rest use the fruiting bodies. So I’m not sure if thanking his stuff would work, then again it might work better for some things. There’s a lot going on with lions mane


Wow this is so complicated.