Amisulpride increases qtc interval. Monitor closely

Amisulpride is extremely worse when it comes to qtc prolongation in the ECG test and will definately cause heart problems. [1]

Normal qtc for men is less than 440ms. My qtc was already abnormal on clozapine 225mg(462ms). After adding amisulpride 100mg to clozapine i started experiencing palpitations, abnormal heart rhythms and breathing problems. I was breathless as well. I had to stop it. Qtc interval above 500ms is taken seriously.

I won’t recommend taking amisulpride with another antipsychotic unless u closely monitor your qtc interval after u reach your therapeutic amisulpride dose through ECG test monthly for first 3 months. Then once in 3 months.

This might be the reason it is not available in usa/ca.



Another drug that’s really bad regarding the QTC is Sertindole, it can actually be worse than Amisulpride in that regard.

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I dont take it with anything else and its fine for me, no unusual side effects but i take a low dose 200mg a day

i think it was banned in usa bc at higher doses it can make guys chest size increase and lactate.

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Minewas over 517 from risperdal

What dose ?

I think we’re not reading the definition. Certain drugs won’t make you have long qts. It a genetic problem. Even acquired so people, relax. If concerned, you should be getting an ekg twice a year

That’s not true. All antipsychotics increase qtc interval, some r trivial, some r intense in their qtc prolongation. You need to study more on this.

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I agree with @clinic on this, my pdoc has talked to me about it several times & there is material to find regarding QTC-interval changes due to medications

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No you are incorrect. Abilify helps your qtc. If anyone has any concerns, credible meds is a good place to start

Long qts is my nightmare. No need to study. Before posting something that could scare people, plz look at the facts


Only abilify and lurasidone r trivial in qtc prolongation. Lurasidone might decrease qtc interval.

Have you read my citation in first post ?

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If you are truly concerned buy a Kardia .its a 2 lead ekg, it can tell you if you’re experiencing it

I go strictly by credible meds. That is the site to clarify the many misunderstandings

Actually, Abilify can help OR hurt. It is in general the one medication that can helpt the QTC but it can also prolong it you’re unlucky. Many psych-meds do prolong the QTC-interval & I trust my pdoc in talking to me about that.

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Of course it’s ok to talk to your dr I’m not saying that. I see a specialist and am monitored very closely. It’s not all psych meds Benadryl, etc can prolong it

Abilify won’t increase qtc that much, but may decrease in some cases

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I’m not minimizing your dropping

Goto page 5

There is a way to get around it. It’s called pacemaker/defib combo ftw

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Just registered on

The site does says that amisulpride is worse for qtc prolongation

Is this government owned site ? Who runs it ?

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