Amisulpride increases qtc interval. Monitor closely

My cardiologist says it’s the one and powerful oz regarding long qts. Dr Ray Woosley is da bomb there. Hes guided me through a lot.

The fda refers people here as well. It’s our “bible”

Well I usually trust pubmed and other studies which u can find on Google scholar

I have been taking 200mg amisulpride with a very low dose of olanzapine for several years and had no problems with my heart.


I’ve been taking Amisulpride with Seroquel for 10 years and no problems with my heart.

This is an alarmist post.

Do you have any reputable sources, such as clinical studies or journal articles?

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I take Amisulpride and I get little side effects at the moment.

I recommend at least trying it to see if it’s right for you.

All of these drugs have nasty effects, it’s a personal choice what risks you take.

Also, Amisulpride was never marketed i the US/CA due to the saturation of antipsychotics in the market at the time.

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Aye we have some research people here. Whats all this about. I thought all aps can mess with the heart?

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I tried to explain that this is not a good post. It scares people. The facts are long qts is genetic. Some people are just prone to acquiring it. Drs should be giving routine ekgs. But only some will experience this issue. Common sense tells you it would be all over the new etc if everyone had this side effect. It sux to have, but luckily it can be managed and there are safe meds like abilify for the small percentage of people that have this heart issue. APs aren’t the only meds Benadryl, Imodium, and decongestant etc can cause prolonged qts. There are two types congenital and acquired and both are genetic. Hopefully this helps those who are concerned. I apologize for not going into more detail for y’all


Sorry I meant to reply to all. I would be happy to go into further detail if someone is concerned. Please don’t panic and again I really shouldve shut this down sooner with facts

I just asked my pdoc if we can add quetiapine to clozapine. Now tell me whos right

Here’s my pdoc answer to my question:

No Quetiapine is known to prolong QTc interval: so not recommended in your case

Quetiapine is moderate in terms of qtc interval prolongation and not severe like amisulpride. Pdoc doesnt even want me to take quetiapine, what do u think he would say about amisulpride.

I used to take 800mg clozapine with 1200mg amisulpride

There r many people in this forum, who take antipsychotics without checking their qtc interval through ECG test.

Not everyone gets symptoms of qtc prolongation so they just keep taking their antipsychotics.

I’m being investigated for this after palpitations
I had to take a 24hr portable ecg
Waiting for reaults

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Good luck. Pm if you ever need :hugs:

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That is a massive amount of medication.

Remember u could be having high qtc interval without any symptoms at all.

You just need to check it through ECG test.

@clinic do you see a cardiologist? This is a very serious side effect. You do know that you are unable to drink alcohol and can’t take most over the counter meds, too. Are you diagnosed with acquired or congenital?

Yes, cardiologist said i can continue my medicines on 462ms qtc interval.

Cardiologist said when it goes above 550ms, then we stop the medicines. But my pdoc said qtc above 500ms is serious.

I will check it again after 15 days since i have increased my clozapine dose.

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My cardiologist says five days after a med change. I really recommend getting a Kardia. There is an app included with a limited time membership that turns into a paid for a reasonable price. The Kardia can tell you if there is a problem and then you can email it through the app for a cardiologist to review. It really is a peace of mind. So, worth it :hugs:…you also can email it to any dr of your choosing as well

If i reduce my dose, does it takes only 5 days to reflect the updated qtc interval on ECG ?

I thought 2 weeks should be minimum.

I have not asked my cardiologist after how many days should i check my ECG

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