Am i going straight to insensibility please?

how was it for you on meds people? the whole day today for me I was insensible. I event cant think. its a strange state… I am just dopped with a bad drug… Ill see how its gonna be tomorrow and in the future but I hope that meds wont ruin my emotions… I want them, its just like that. I refuse to be some kind of drug addict to Zyprexa.
tell me your experinces with the meds on this point pls :slight_smile: . I can always decrease my dosage but its too soon for me.

It should get better but it’s likely you won’t ever feel “normal”.

I’m never going to be the same person I was before meds.

They have a lot of side effects, but I just accept that that’s the way it has to be for me to function in society and not be unstable and unsafe. They dull my emotions.

Are you glad that they are stopping you from being really unwell? I hope you find peace Anna1.

hi to you :slight_smile:
I dont know anymore if I afflicted myself all this. probably no cause I see hard symptoms even as child. it wasn’t maybe to this point but I was in state of choc for years per moments… my meds are helping yes. I am reassured every evening when I take them(placebo effect?). today I wasn’t dull emotionally but I have strong paranoia still and my fears. per moments, I start to think and feel better, its even strange for me who spent so many years being ill as a dog…

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Consistency Anna

It takes awhile

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Meds took away my positive symptoms. It was a life changing event for me to be free from positive symptoms therefore I will not downplay meds. Yes it has side effects but the good far outweighs the bad. I got metabolic syndrome from AP drugs but I keep on taking them cause psychosis terrifies me.


Schizophrenia dulls your emotions.

yeah, maybe its my case too like says @Thanna. and I need time to readjust to my meds. ive forgotten years ago what is to be normal. I live in hell and I even dont say a word about it anymore. too much silence for me for the moment.
but ill keep going I guess…

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