Who is a bit numb in his emotions due to his treatment?

in fact, without meds I think a lot… and its a painful symptom, I even have headaches because of it… I also feel love really difficult without meds… now its my 2 week on zyprexa and it lifts me up a little bit :slight_smile: but I also feel a little bit number in my emotions because of this ap… did it gets better with time? or you have accepted this price? wow… its tough. maybe, the trick is in the dose… I am on 7,5 mg of zyprexa right now…
thanks you in advance and sorry if I ask all this questions but I really want to be ok one day, feel real love etc etc… but maybe I wont get it because numb on aps for the moment and suffering without meds…
p.s. otherwise, I am not sure if this is numbness what I feel on zyprexa. its like “airy” in my soul. kind of anesthesia

For a long time I was fairly numb to emotions and my meds made me feel real foggy, but over the last year or so I have been ‘making’ myself feel my emotions more sincerely and full bodied. Also the fogginess of my mind has subsided substantially.

ah ok I see pharoutphrog :slight_smile:in fact its still per moments for me. I take my meds in the evenings and couple of hours after it I feel like ‘‘airy’’ as I said :slight_smile: I am even lifted up and my paranoia is diminished… maybe this a thing for the med- firstly to be airy and with the time feel emotions in more ‘‘real’’ way :slight_smile:

Well I think if all you ever feel is intense negative emotion, and then a medication helps get rid of it, it can leave you feeling eerily numb, since you wouldn’t be used to not having all that intense emotion.

The way I perceived it when I was on Zyprexa, was that it cleared my mind. It was like the pharmaceutical equivalent of burning sage to clear negative energy out of an area. I was glad to be rid of all that crap.

But yeah it can be an eerie/empty feeling. I think that’s part of why it’s very important for mental illness recovery to include more than popping pills. There should also be an active plan to engage in things that will keep your mind occupied, things that are pleasant but still engaging.

It’s good to keep your head up! How I started feeling more was I would analyze the situation and really focus on the feeling that was there but was weak. For instance a cat of mine had cancer and we had to put him down after about 6 months of remission when it came back and destroyed him in 2 weeks time, anyways it was very sad and tragic, but I noticed my sadness wasn’t very severe so I would basically meditate my way into feeling like I know I should. A sad example, but this experience is when I started making myself feel again.

It sounds like the negative symptoms of the illness. Eventually your body will get used to it or you can add Wellbutrin to the mix if your too sedated.

oh yes, ill be more active in order to recover. I promised it to my mom etc… for the moment, I go out to the dentist cause I have puplpitis and caries because my neglection of this part of the dental health of mine… I was quite stubborn at the time, too stubborn to struggle but now I want a better life :slight_smile:

I’ve got the opposite going on, I’d love to feel numb as things stand. I feel like I’m emotionally bleeding to death.

I am on the same ap and dosage and also comfortably numb. It can be an advantage not feeling crazy in love and doing stupid things because of it. Before I was compliant I used to have much “head circus” about potential mates (to quote SurprisedJ).

mussel, I was bleeding emotionally to death also without the meds, yes…ive also had this thoughts that nobody loves me, I become even verbally aggressive…and without zyprexa, I become paranoid…its burning in my head because of the thougths without meds…
I am really negative in my emotions without the zyprexa. but this numbness is still per moments like I said… I am just on my 2 week with it (again) cause I was stopping my meds before… now I know I have a tough illness and I take my meds :slight_smile:
Gollum, in a way its better yes, I also think this. I am too crazy and too ill without this help :confused:

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I take Zyprexa as well. It’s the klonopin I can’t live without, and I’m out, my scrp ran out of refills weeks before my next appointment. I was prescribed it so long I go into a mental haze without it, I can’t feel normal.

oh yes. I have klonopin too. I take the half of 0,5 mg to go out to the dentist now… I am living between 4 walls since 13 years. ive lost the habit to be around people…and my klonopin helps me for the rage also and even the sadness. its good for rage from what I know…:slight_smile: but if my zyprexa works better one day(with a help of mine too) I plan to stop it…we’'ll see :slight_smile:
i don’t like antidepressants for me, they make me crazier…

Feelings can be overwhelming, I just hope it settles down for you. :slight_smile: