Am i doing it wrong with my mother?

Ok, so we dont have money now and we struggle to send one place of ours… But my mother is almost in depression by her words… She says she needs to complain, but she does it for hours… She regrets her life, us, everything… I turn bad then, cause she cant even accept reassuring i find… I just listened to her for 2 hours, but i needed to hide back in my flat…
She is very, very low i find… She only cries, she gets angry when we reassure her etc etc… Very negative… Am i doing wrong to hide like this? She only sees the worst now and doesnt even let to calm her down… She even says to me, that i am way too positive… Are your parents like this too?

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Sounds like she could use an antidepressant.

I am not sure shell wants… But its hard to hear, that we are all just sick and that destroyed her… Also, were you at one point of your illness in the need to to hide from the people, cause they were overwhelming for you?
I really tried to listen to my mom today, but i couldnt do it for more than 2 hours… Its the hell in her head now, i am not sure the other people are like this… Plus, if its only about the money, well… Maybe i am too space still, but i cant help her… She complains a lot since years… ok, i went terrible in my illness too, but i find hard that she shouts at me, when i try to see the positive in our life…
I also have to deal with the fact, that she should take an ad because of me… But in the same time, she talks bad about my sister too, she is never happy, i am not sure she wants us to be free either…

Hi Anna
I know that you are in a tough situation now but try to be patient with your Mom.
She doesn’t seem well.

Can you talk to your sister about how to handle it next?

For the time being make sure you are giving her enough space but don’t totally ignore her either.

Take care of yourself!

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People can be overwhelming for me if I have to interact with them for a long time. I’ve been withdrawn ever since the beginning of my prodrome phase, which was 12 years ago. I usually don’t want to interact with anyone unless it’s necessary, so in a sense you could say that I hide from people. It’s not really what I tell myself I’m doing by keeping to my own company, though.

I don’t know your situation, but could your mom get a therapist? Then at least there would be someone else there to listen to her complain.

I am having this issue too right now. There’s only so much you can take.

Blame it on Covid.
Old people complain a lot about their health, usually to each other but now everyone’s isolated. My mom can’t get to her Senior Center. Anything you tell her she has it far worse In her mind.
But kids have it worse these days IMHO.

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