My mom cries because her family is crashing

she is sad today. I cant help her. I feel a bit guilty to cant help her now…
she cries because she is in bad terms with my sister, my nephew is young but in my moms opinion he starts to get cynical and depressed. I am only ill for her too.
I dont know if its from the age that my mom is just sad like this. Its a bit pressure still for me. but whatever. I spent 2 hours listening to her, I couldn’t do more. Ok, I am not good to talk like this about her but she doesn’t care that she shares her bunch of problems with me.


sometimes just listening makes a difference…I use to have (sorta still do) this concept that if a person is there, even If you don’t know to them or talk them. It changes a lot for either them or you.

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I agree with @PuRpOs3,

Just listening to her I’m sure helped.

Also, sometimes, people just have to be sad.

Let her cry it out and maybe she’ll feel better in a few hours.

I do it all the time.

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That’s why people like pets. They feel like they’re not alone even though it’s just an animal. Just being in the same room they feel better. My therapist several years ago said men are more likely to feel better from this than women, though. That’s why you get more guys thinking being in the same room with their girlfriend is spending time with them even if they’re not interacting and the girlfriend tends to just feel ignored. But I’m sure it’s not as black and white as men/women.

yes but my mom goes far. She says that my sister is also ill and crazy, that she regrets being married to my father who was maybe ill too, that I am a failure cause ill too etc etc. she only sits there watching her Russian news all the time and she doesn’t understand that I struggle and its not pleasant for me too listen to her that I am ill and that ill never have anything in the life…
whatever… I tend in the past to be angry to her which was my illness I guess but its hard to see her see all this in so dramatic features. but maybe she is right at the end, idk… but she is really pessimistic about everything…

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Yeah, that’s really shitty of her. I’m sorry. Don’t listen to people like that. They just need to put other people down to feel better about themselves. It’s not too fault you got sick and with enough effort you CAN get better. Ignore her whining and focus on yourself and your health.

ok, thanks led. Idk why my mom is like this. I am focused on my health now, that’s for sure. I hope just that ill feel some well being not after another years but sooner…

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She probably just worries about her family @Anna1 doesn’t like to see them suffer. maybe she has anxiety issues too. Sometimes just venting or talking helps.

yes, I am not nice with her. I am quite cold in irl still. she worries that my nephew doesn’t inherit my illness in fact a bit. She says he is quite introvert and closed in himself so she worries yes… she needed venting that’s for sure. Sometimes I am the only person she still sees in fact.