Alternative to Clonazepam


Is there any other drug besides clonazepam that provides relief of anxiety and assists with sleep?


There are several in the same class.

Just to name a few. Is your clonazepam not working anymore?




All the benzodiazapines help with anxiety. I think klonopin is the strongest drug of that class. A couple of the SSRI anti-depressants claim that they can help with anxiety. I think Paxil is one. My doctor doesn’t put anyone on more than 3mg a day of klonopin a day because it is so strong.


Anthony are any of those drugs in the same class have less effect on the libido sex drive that clonazepam has?


All of the benzos dull the nervous system and have the potential to affect sex drive. Personally, I’ve found diazepam (Valium) to affect mine less. You may have a different experience.

The SSRIs like Paxil usually also affect libido.

But talk to your doc about it and see if he can recommend a better med for you.




Personally I never had any kind of side effects from diazepam whatsoever, and it worked really well for my anxiety.


There’s a supplement called Lavender Oil that comes in gelcaps that I’ve found works great for helping me sleep, it seems to be stronger than any benzo and has no side effects whatsoever. It knocks me out within 45 minutes or so. Plus it’s over the counter. You can order it over the internet.

There’s also an amino acid called L-Theanine that has a mild relaxant effect, you can order that over the internet too. It has no side effects and might help with your negative symptoms


Oh yes I’m aware of many natural supplements I will check on your lavendar oil suggestion. I slept without my klonopin alright. I had a few dream intervals. Sooo I know it can be done just have to watch my my health. I went from going 3 400mg seroquel pills three trazodone 100mg. I cut to just one 400mg Seroquel and I’m trying just one trazodone tonight. I remember sleeping fine without klonopin, but obviously with klonopin getting to asleep is much easier however it is numbing my libido and frankly I cannot accept that side effect. Even seroquel has a libido side effect but my libido seems to do however well on just 400mg. It’s about my insomia history. I think whatever was causing me insomnia in the past is kind of waning, it’s not all gone. But I’m finding easier to sleep more naturally that is. Thank you guys.


Not to rain on your parade, but because of its long half-life, withdrawal may take up to a week to set in. I too like @radmedtech’s recommendation of Valium.


I take Klonopin everyday - at the same dose, and I will lower it from time to time so I avoid tolerance.
I like Klonopin because it is long lasting and I usually only take one dose and it is a pretty good mood stabilizing agent as well. But I may need something else to supplement the Klonopin, I am starting to get anxious again - I see my doctor soon, and just maybe I will take the Neurontin (gabapentin) after I have a discussion with her - hopefully I will gain some clarity


There is a bodybuilding supplement I take that incorporates GABA, L theanine, 5HTP, and melatonin. The most reason why I can’t sleep are because racey feelings in my body. klonopin numbs it. But if you look it up it’s by pharma freak called gh freak, you can take 3-5 pills as a sleeping, recovery aid. When I take it my dreams seem vivid and the l theanine has like a tranquilizing effect that is felt from head to toe. The morning always feel so restful. However. I must coach everybody else that it is what you do during the day, the tension, the stress, that determines the negatives your body will excrete in itself. So basically it will be harder to sleep. Stay away from people that stress you, and cause tensions at work. I am undergoing a gym recovery phase I can literally feel the parts that got worked and can feel the recovery but it takes time. And its more important to be committed to a health plan day to day than the actual intensity you put into it. Do workout but take it slow be mindful of all the body parts and the brain will thank you.


I used to get really vivid dreams when I took 5HTP, maybe that causes it


Since I take seroquel a serotonin antagonist, 5htp probably is inhibited to do what it does.